Friday, March 27, 2009

Planning ahead

I'm a planner. Seems like a lot of us in the IF world are, and our little minds are BLOWN when our planning is at the whim of follicle growth or whatever. But now. Now I can sit here and plan vacations! and days off! and tickets to shows! without worrying about where I'll be in my cycle, or, as I got later in pregnancy, my due date.

So, I'm thinking of going to a sort of 'adult camp' place in July, where there is going to be Fiber Fanatics Festival. Dorky, but totally up my alley. Yarn, wool and people knitting and spinning with yarn and wool. My idea of heaven, truth be told, because it's also right on the coast of Maine. Like the cabins are On. The. Beach. It really isn't feasible to leave Hulk home with Aaron for the week (with his commute he wouldn't be able to do both drop off and pick up at day care) but I wasn't sure if the camp would be happy about a baby in a pack and play. Well. Today, I called and ironed out all the details (they love babies there).... and Hulk and I are going to the beach the last week in July! I'm super excited!!! And, it's only a 2 hour drive - so if things go horribly wrong - we can retreat back home.

Hulk will be 7 months old... wonder if I'll be chasing around a crawling baby?


Jen said...

Oh that will be fun! We are going away in July too.

Tara said...

No longer worrying about where I will be in a cycle, or my due date but now I'm always thinking about how old the baby will be when I attend a, b, or c event and then I weigh it in my head if it will be worth it to attend with the baby or find childcare (or just not go at all).

Sounds like a fun week for you! Oh and on the beach... nice.

Jennifer said...

What a great idea...and will be so fun with you and the Hulk going together!

We go to Phippsburg, ME every summer to visit family...I love the Maine coast!

Frieda said...

Jealous. I wish I was going with you. It sounds like so much fun.

Anonymous said...

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amysue said...

Where? I want to go!!!!

Mrs. Square said...

I once attended the festival below, it was a total hoot! I hope you have a ton of fun knitting and spinning. Will they be showing sheep as well?

Beautiful Mess said...

YAY!!! That sounds like a lot of fun! You could possibly be chasing around a crawling baby...EEK!