Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sleep is for chumps

I'm starting to think that Hulk is either going through a growth spurt, dealing with teeth issues, or needs to start solids - because my main man is now sleeping at the most 5 - 6 hours before needing to be soothed. We usually put him to bed at around 9 or 10, after a bath and a bottle. The last few nights, he has been getting up after 5 hours, sometimes as few as 3, just crying. I am able to go in, and give him a binkie, maybe rub his belly, and he goes back to sleep... but his sleeping is unsettled. During the day at daycare yesterday? He slept an hour. Total. Sigh. I know I shouldn't complain, because I know others with major sleep issues - but it's weird for him.

Last weekend was great! And super busy. Friday night, there is a small chance that I imbibed a bit too much Grown Up Formula (aka red wine), so waking up on Saturday was rough. I kept telling Aaron that he was the 'responsible' parent for the evening, and he just kept rolling his eyes at me. Saturday, we had wonderful weather and spent a huge chunk outside... and Sunday we were rained in. It was kind of nice to just stay in the house and relax.

We have Hulk's 4 month appointment on the 6th, and I'm working on my list of questions.
  1. He has a 'stork bite' birthmark - I just want them to check it again. It kind of looks like a blood blister... last time she assured me it was normal... but really?
  2. Swimming. I can't wait to take the little man swimming - but the gym I go to says that they like to wait until 6 months. I want to take a class first - to see what we should do in the water (like should I dunk him? Once he is old enough to really swim, I totally know how to teach him, but I really don't know what to do with a baby).
  3. On the whole swimming topic - a baby wetsuit? Weird? Necessary?
  4. The whole food thing. Tobacco Brunette is having a minor freak out on this same topic. Hulk easily eats 36 ozs of formula a day. Everyone I ask say it will be pretty obvious when he is ready for solids - he will watch me eat and lunge for the spoon - he just isn't doing that.
  5. Want to ask about the teeth too - like how do you know they are teething?

I have more to report, but need to get back to work!


Lollipop Goldstein said...

4. We didn't see any of that. We just sort of picked a date and sat them in the high chair and tried it out. The first few days of solids sucked--they spit out most of it. But after a while, they got into it. But they never tried to feed themselves no matter how excited they got for solids. They never really wanted to try, they just liked us shoveling it in their mouth.

Jen said...

Elizabeth started diving at my fork when she was about two months old. I still haven't started her on solids.

It seems like all the babies got together recently and decided to stop sleeping. Say it with me now: phase, phase, phase. It will pass. :)

orodemniades said...

Dude, at 4 months he should be drinking milk and nothing but. Now, if he's interested in eating, fine, if not, that's perfectly normal. The Chieftain wasn't into it until he was 7-8 months old, and it's really only been in the past few weeks that he's been nomming on toast, egg, cheese (melted, kthx). He has always loved chicken, beef, fish, and pork, preferably warm, w/salt n pepper or curried. No baby food pls, it's disgusting!

Nicky said...

Found you from a comment you left over at Jen's -- another working mommy in technology? No way!

We waited until 6 months for solid food, which is supposedly better for avoiding food allergies. He started watching us eat at around 5 months, so by 6 months he was curious enough to really want to eat, so it was a pretty easy transition.

As for teething... you'll know he's teething when he starts drooling everywhere and chewing on everything he can get his little hands on. Once that starts, if you feel in his mouth, you'll start to feel little bulges under his gums.

Good luck!

Geohde said...

Ah, storkbites are benign things that fade, really :)

As for the eating, I have two babies who are picky, so I'm useless.



Zephra said...

I had Zain in the pool at 2 weeks old. We would blow in his face and push him across to each other. He loved it. Or at least he didn't fuss. He was swimming on his own by age 3.

Tobacco Brunette said...

I was so glad to hear that other people are giving their babies more than 20 oz day. We've cut back to five or six bottles of five oz and then rice cereal in the morning and evening and he seems okay with the reduction.

Good luck with your appointment.