Wednesday, March 4, 2009

So Weird

I usually work from home on Mondays and Wednesdays. For the next three weeks, on Mondays, my aunt is coming over and taking care of Hulk in the house while I work. But today - I drove my little man to daycare, and then came back home. I'm sitting here, in my house, BY MYSELF. It's a little crazy. That hasn't happened for 3 months.

Aaron has been working crazy hours this week - hasn't come home before 10 PM yet. Yesterday is the day that we've been working towards him meeting me on his way home from work to take Hulk so I can go to the gym. I really look forward to it... and we were really planning on it last night. He ended up not being able to meet me last minute (I was almost at the gym) and my friend really saved my sanity by watching him for me! It really does take a village, huh? Anyway - since Aaron has missed his baby fix at night, he has been getting up with Hulk in the morning. This morning, he got up with him at 6 AM, and I totally missed that event. I haven't been setting an alarm for work, because Hulk has religiously been getting up at 7 AM since he was born (hungry or no - I think it's the sun). Well. This morning? It was 8 am.

Damn kid isn't reliable.

I was running around the house like a madwoman trying to get him and I dressed so I could get him to daycare! I like to be logged in by 8 AM at the latest... so I was scrambling. Turns out, I can get out of the house in 20 minutes if necessary. I'm so glad we have such a great day care place only 3 miles from the house!

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Jen said...

I've stopped setting alarms too. Sometimes I reconsider based on when she gets up in the middle of the night though. If she sleeps until 6:00am, I know she'll be sleeping past her normal 7:00am wake up.