Friday, April 3, 2009

Involuntarily Busy Weekend

This weekend, we are having Hulk dedicated at our church. In my mind, it was something intimate. Something for just me, his godparents, and maybe my mother who is super churchy and just excited that we are going to ANY church (disregarding the fact that deep down I bet she considers UUers heretics). I ended up inviting one other friend, and mentioned to my Aunt (who lives 1/2 mile from the church) that she was welcome to come if she wanted.

Now it's turning into a thing. Aaron's mom (who is not religious at all) is coming and staying with Aaron's aunt. When I called her, she asked if I was also inviting Aaron's brother (Also not religious and who lives about 90 minutes away). There is the potential for a 14 person brunch at my house on Sunday now! Damn. It.

On Saturday, one of my quilts is being auctioned off at a charity auction. I really want to go to see how it does. I also volunteered to make chili (it's a Wild West theme, Hulk has little cowboy boot socks to wear - too sweet). I really didn't take into account that people would want to stay with us the night before the ceremony. Well, my mom is arriving on Saturday night with her dog. I called Hulk's godfather, and he was planning on arriving Saturday night also. With his girlfriend. I may be dragging 5 people with me to this auction (and of course making some sort of decent dinner beforehand). And then there are going to be 5 adults and 3 dogs sleeping in this house on Saturday night. I'm considering running away. Unless maybe one of those 3 guests get up with Hulk at his 4 AM wake up? That would be super nice.

Oh. And - to report on the sleeping crisis. The old schedule was to get home from day care, feed him his bottle, play for a little, and then let him nap in the swing until Aaron and I wanted to go to bed. Then, we would wake him up, do a bath, bottle and then he would go to bed. Yesterday, we decided to try to just put him to bed after that first bottle, but make it a bigger, 8 oz bottle. So, Hulk was in bed by 7:30 last night, and then stayed asleep until almost 4 AM! It was great. Aaron got up with him (just call my hubby Superman) and he (Hulk, not Aaron) went back to sleep until 7:15. Hurrah!


Jen said...

That is busy.

Awesome sleep! Keep it up!

Jennifer said...

Wow..lots of people at your house...good luck. I bet it'll be fun (even if it is a little stressful).

Beautiful Mess said...

Have a wonderful weekend with your guests and Hulk's dedication. I would tell them that if they want a GOOD dinner, then someone has to get up with Hulk. Or bribe them with something ;o)