Monday, April 20, 2009

The reactions

First, let me tell you about the ultrasound.

Aaron and I met there from our different work locations - and then we were going to go our separate ways after that. Last time we did that for an u/s, it was ectopic - and I was too big of a mess to drive. I was a little nervous with that plan, but said my mantra 'if it's meant to be, it's meant to be' and went with it. After the u/s - I was to go to pick up Hulk and then Aaron's mom, and we were going to meet up again at the soccer field to watch his game.

Aaron was a little late - but no big deal because I had to fill out some paperwork. We go into the room, and joked a little bit with the lady because she remembered us from the u/s with Hulk. She starts the scan, and asks me how far along I think I am - and I say 'Maybe 6 weeks?'. And she says it's looking more like 5w5d.... so it's too early to see a heartbeat - so the doc will probably have us come back in a week. And then Aaron chimes in:

"What does it mean that there are two circle on the screen?"

"That means you have fraternal twins"

Aaron just kind of started shaking his head... and I started laughing. Really - what do you say to that bit of information? It's exciting, scary, unbelievable... life changing!

So. They did that first u/s based on my hcg levels, which were obviously really high because it was twins and not because I was further along. I'm not too worried about what is going on in there.... and we go back on Friday for the u/s where we should see heartbeats.

The funnier thing is all the different reactions.

My mother? Total silence for about 2 minutes on the phone. Then she just kept saying "oh my god oh my god" over and over again.
My mother in law just laughed and said we needed a mini van now (which is kind of true, sadly. I welcome advice as to another vehicle that can fit 2 large dogs and three cars seats).
My friends? They either burst out with "Oh My God!" Or say "Holy Shit!!!" (which is kind of what I'm still going between).

In church, we have a 'time to share joy and sorrows'. You go up, light a candle for your joy, and tell everyone what it is. I went up and lit 2 candles and said:

I think you all know my family, Aaron and my 4 month old son Hulk. We have a little joy and a panic to share today - I'm pregnant.
BIG INHALATION from the congregation. I waited for the noise to die down.
Notice that the number of candles that I lit - it's twins! And they are due around Hulk's first birthday.

Hulk had a pretty great weekend - but this is already pretty long - so tomorrow we'll go back to talking about my little man!


Lollipop Goldstein said...

That is amazing news! Congratulations :-)

Beautiful Mess said...

So crazy and amazing! I'm glad you're getting all these different reactions, that must be really fun for you. Congrats again!

serenity said...

I still stick with my "holy fuck." If that's blaspheming, then so be it.



Jen said...

I repeat that this is awesome. :)

Jen said...

I'm still in shock. I remember telling you that you were having Irish twins. Make that Irish triplets :)

Kristen said...

Congratulations on the double trouble!!!! So incredibly giddy for you! XOXO

Chelle said...

I am in total shock... again! That is so awesome. I am so excited for you. :D

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! My second son's original due date was the day after my first son's first birthday. I was in shock because it took so long to get pg the first time. They are teens now and best friends. Of course with twins, you probably won't make it to your due date. So happy for you and I will go back to lurking now :)

Morrisa said...

OMG! I haven't check your blog in so long and THIS is what I find? Such a miracle! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

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KatieM said...

Holy Hell.....::picking jaw up off the floor::

Congrats again! :)

Mrs M@sk said...

Holy sh!t ! Unbelievable ! xo

Carrie27 said...

Big congrats! I have a toddler and twins they are 17 months apart. I'm going to keep checking on your blog to see how you are doing.

As for a vehicle, we have a van, but I love it. The doors open from my remote, which is a necessity with three small children.

Sparkle Mommy said...

My reaction is start interviewing nannies as soon as possible!

Ruth said...

Oh, Cece. I am laughing ... with delight, surprise, joy, all those good things, all for you.

As for the car, go for the minivan already. Your kids are only going to get bigger, and they're the easiest for loading lots of little people in and out. As B said when I was having trouble wrapping my mind around buying ours (back when we only had two kids!), "They're popular with families for a reason. They're designed for us."

Check out the Toyota Sienna.

Lucia said...

Holy, um, moly! (I'm at work.) Ruth just called and asked if I'd read you lately and I said "not for a couple of days" (pause), "it's twins?"

Holy priceless collection of Etruscan snoods, Batman! Total congrats. Wow. I have no automotive suggestions to offer.