Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Back to my Main Man

This weekend was a big one for Hulk. We had loads of visitors (his Grandmother, Great-grandmother, and 3 great uncles, and 2 great aunts). He did pretty well being passed around - and charmed everyone with his smiles.

But Saturday! I took him swimming for the first time. I won't say he loved it - but he didn't hate it. The water was a little cold, and there were so many things to look at... other kids and lights and crazy loud noises. I even did the one two three DUNK and put him under water.... he wasn't upset... but wasn't exactly smiling either. The big thing that I learned in the swim class was when you want to put him under water, blow in his face... it makes him close his eyes and close his mouth. I don't think I'm going to pay the big bucks to take the baby swim class... but I will keep taking him into the water and making it fun.

The other big news is that we started solids this weekend. Hulk took to it like a champ. We had tried one other time to start rice cereal, and he hated it. I got some advice from a few mothers to mix in applesauce with the rice cereal.... and he LOVED it. So now, he is eating 2 meals a day! And, he is back to only waking up once at night. Hurrah!


Beautiful Mess said...

WOOHOO way to go Hulk! What? No messy face baby pictures? I say 'NO FAIR!" ;o) Have a wonderful day!

Jen said...

What a big boy! That is a lot of new stuff!

Jennifer said...

We take Julian to a mom/tot class on Sunday's - the water is cold, but it's still fun. Great job Hulk on the solids!!!

Mrs Zeee said...

Cute! My little one is on the solid brigade -- very messy, very fun!
Good luck :)

Becky said...

Love the new baby ticker, 2 little babies just floating in their warm bath, twins!