Tuesday, April 28, 2009


My work has SUCKED the past 2 weeks. I have a meeting every night a 5 PM for my project which is going horribly, horribly wrong (not my team's fault, but you know, shit rolls downhill, right?). That meeting makes everything awful about the evening. I either have to leave work before the meeting, get Hulk and then dial in from home. This is a Big Wig meeting, so then I have to pray that he doesn't have a meltdown when I'm trying to talk. OR. Aaron has to get him and that gets tricky with him coaching soccer at 5:30 three times a week. So I still need to be home, or he needs to not go to practice. If I don't make it home, I usually miss bedtime.

Anyway. Last night, I got Hulk early, and he was happily passed out on the floor of the living room. Aaron was stopping for wipes (we were out ) and other assorted things at the grocery store. I was text messaging him and he wasn't replying... and I was a little annoyed. He finally wrote back 'Huh?' and I thought he was teasing me, because I see him drive down the driveway. Hulk had a pooplosion (defined as an explosion of poop) and I had no wipes... so I was tapping my foot while on mute with the big wigs. He FINALLY comes upstairs (he was on a call for soccer, which just set me off last night for whatever reason - pregnant much?). He is acting clueless - like I hadn't text messaged him all day.

I was livid! I stormed away (after punching him on the arm? WTF was that about?) and my phone beeps with a text message. I was texting my friend Amanda and NOT Aaron. Jesus.

I swear, this project is ruining my life.

Anyway - while Aaron was hiding upstairs from the Crazy Pregnant Lady, Hulk rolled over for the first time! He was pretty proud of himself, but didn't do it again for me. Sigh.

I'm in the office today - meeting with the Big Wigs in person. Note to self. Do not try to feed son new food (squash) AFTER getting dressed for work. I have little bits of dried up squash all over my shirt - because we were NOT fans of squash. At all. Want to torture Hulk? Try to get him to eat squash. That was an awesome way to start the day, let me tell you.


emily said...

hiya, sorry work is sucking... hope things get better.
on a lighter note, i thought "pooplosion" was a really funny word! :) I don't have too many emotional ups and downs (well, one or two so far) but I really have a hard time controlling outbursts of laughter. my husband thinks i'm nuts. as i'm sure anyone who hears me lose it in public does.

Just me said...

He he. When you said "...he doesn't have a meltdown when I'm trying to talk" I thought you meant that the Big Wig didn't have a meltdown through phone conference. LOL I don't know about you, but sometimes the 'big wigs' I work with can act like infants...

And, aren't you used to the random specks of grossness? I keep saying my boxers are preparing me for babies. I'll walk downstairs with a perfectly cute, clean outfit on and then when I get to work I discover have dog snot all down my arm... :)

Hope things get better at work!!!

Beautiful Mess said...

Awww hone I'm so sorry your so emotional. Don't feel TOO bad for punching Aaron. After my son was born, Husband and I got into a fight and I threw an eye BOLT at his head. Thank Goddess I'm a bad aim because he only had to duck a little bit for it to miss him. It WILL get better! I hope today is better.
PS YAY for Hulk rolling over! What a big boy!

Jen said...

Grrr. I hate days/weeks like that. Things are just so much easier with a normal schedule. I hope it clears up soon!

Becky said...

Sorry, but i totally have to laugh. I dont know how many times i've texted my husband and it turned out i was texting some one else, oops!!!!!!!!, too funny!!! Thanks for a good laught this morning.

I work from home full time and have about 3 conference calls a week with bigwigs at my compnay too, so i often wonder how it will be with a new born come this summer/fall, i guess only time will tell, good luck!

Fat Chick said...

HA! Pooplosion! I'm going to use that one of these days.


K @ ourboxofrain said...

Being a working mom is so rewarding in so many ways, but sucks in so many others. I'm sorry the current work schedule is wreaking havoc on the home schedule. And that you're having to deal with it while pregnant. I hope things settle down soon so you can get back to a regular routine.

And I hope the next veggie is a bigger hit than squash! (Have you tried carrots yet? Be forewarned, they stain *everything*, but they seem to be universally loved.)

Carrie27 said...

Oh no, not a poosplosion and no wipes!

Ok, so I'm going to say it isn't completely work, but also pregnancy brain. Add in that you are pregnant with two, so they suck your brain out even more (hey, that was always my excuse). Hee.hee.

Amanda said...

lol, you texted me like 6 times in a row... it was a barrage of about 6 texts in maybe 45 seconds. i was like, AHHHHHH! sorry to hear it was after such a terrible day AND a pooplosion!

Lucia said...

You really did not need to explain pooplosion. Any mom knows that term, whether she's heard it before or not. (In our house we also say poopçon, defined as a quantity too small to be significant but usually portending bigger, if not better, things.)

Can Aaron not take Hulk with him to soccer?