Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sock It To Me

Well! I participated in the Sock It To Me exchange, and the point was to give someone a nice pair of socks to help them feel warn and fuzzy, and in turn give someone else a pair of socks, and then (quoting directly from the Sock Lady in Charge "post a picture of your socks (worn or not worn) with a link back to the blogger who sent them to you. The topic of your post should be about what the support of this community means to you and how it has helped and is helping you. It's a week for warm and fuzzies. Like ummm...the socks. ".

Well here is the WONDERFUL socks that Katie sent me! Gals - they are CASHMERE. They are on my feet now and are totally awesome.

As for what this IF community means to me - it means a lot. When I was totally freaking out about treatments, u/s, miscarriages, MORE u/s, MORE treatments and then onto pregnancy and delivery and newborns - you were all here for me. With a big cheer for the good times and virtual hugs for the bad times. As not too many of my friends have gone though all this infertility crap - it is so nice to have a little support team in the computer for whenever I need it. And I thank you all for that -I'm sure it has helped keep me sane. And will keep me sane in the future when new and crazy things come my way.


Tara said...

The IF community rocks. I don't know where I (or many of us) would be without all the love and support and bloggy friends.

Beautiful Mess said...

Your socks looks and sound so soft and comfy. I also like the socks you got for your sock buddy. YAY for bloggy friends and warm fuzzies!!!

Jen said...

Oh those are adorable socks! I want a pair just like them.

Lori said...

Those are my favorite colors.

Somebody just guessed you on my blog for the Name That Blogger! game.