Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Nursery!

Poor Hulk came home sick from day care on Thursday with some poop issues, which continued on throughout the weekend. Which had me at home with him on Friday (of course, sad and poopy all morning when I had all my work calls, and then napped from 12:30 to 3:30... Aaron arrived home at 1 to help me). He was sick enough to be sad, but not totally miserable. And, the plan was already for me to mostly handle Hulk all weekend, so Aaron could totally concentrate on getting major work done in the nursery.

And he did! The hardwood floor is totally in. He finished the walls and put a coat of primer on (and looks amazing). Hulk and I went out and picked out colors for the walls (Fairy Pink) and got the material for the curtains. I also went to Nini Bambini and pick out some Haba furniture to finish up the room. I'm going to get this shelf:

I had originally planned to have Aaron make something - but this is super cute, and by the time Aaron actually makes the shelf, the girls will be 2 years old! He has way too many major projects going on now to take the time for a detailed castle bookshelf project.
I also am going to get this cute princess mirror to put up over the changing table:

These items probably aren't going to come in until Mid-November sometime (she is making one big Haba order for Christmas ordering) but that is fine with me.
The weekend of my baby shower (Oct 24th), I bet I'll be able to post a picture of a mostly finished nursery! It feels so good to be even at the point we are now - really just minimal work to do, and it's work that other people are going to do for us. I'm going to get to washing the Amby Baby beds and finishing up the curtains this week or weekend.

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Carrie27 said...

I can't wait to see what the whole nursery looks like. I'm so anxious!