Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The shower and totally nesting

The shower was great for me - but not without drama for the rest of the family. Some of Aaron's Aunts aren't talking to each other - so that was fun to watch them all in the same room together! And my mother was annoyed that Aaron's family didn't talk to her that much (I told her to get over it), and that my SIL brought her one year old (she thought the baby 'stole the show' - I didn't care, nor did I feel that way). I mostly just enjoyed myself and loved sitting up and catching up with everyone in a nice social setting! And of course, getting wonderful presents.

With the shower, the twins room is now 99% done. I only have maybe one thing to buy (another soother - we got one, just need a second). The cribs are setup, as are the Amby baby beds. All the clothes (both new and hand me down) are sorted, washed and put away. I have 172 diapers sitting next to the changing table. And wipes! The curtains are hung, Aaron put the light on the ceiling and added a dimmer switch (sounds minor - but it's a big deal - he did it in Cam's room and it's awesome). Aaron is building a castle bookshelf to put toys, pictures and books on. I'm going to find a table to put bottle warmers on. And I'm thinking of getting some letters to spell their names and put on the walls over the cribs. And that is IT. That is all left to do.

It's crazy - I don't even think I had clothes in the drawers or diapers for Hulk when he came home. It feels good to be so prepared. With all this preparation, I'm going to take the time to organize my own closet, while I'm in the mood to purge. I am 100% nesting. Yesterday, I went through my whole living room and just got rid of CRAP. We tend to pile up crap on chairs, tables... really any available surface in the living room. I had a pile of mail from June. Stacks of catalogues. A few piles of hand me downs that hadn't made it upstairs. A rack with something like 20 scarves on it, I maybe wear 5 of them? A basket on the floor with napkins? WTF was up with that one?

Currently, there is NO extraneous crap in the living room. It feels awesome. And, it made space for Aaron to bring up a train table that one of our friends gave us - and Hulk LOVED playing with his trucks on that last night. And the table has bins under it for storage, so it had the added benefit of giving us more places to store the multiplying toys. Love it.


Tara said...

Love it when things get accomplished and the house gets organized. Feels so good.

Carrie27 said...

Having twins definitely makes you want to be prepared more so than when you have a singleton.

Can't wait to see the final pictures.