Monday, May 3, 2010


Ok. I know it's wrong, but I'm happy to hit the workweek! We had a WONDERFUL time this weekend, Hulk LOVED the beach - and we stayed at a friends house instead of the bunk house, and it just worked out perfectly. We even found a place that delivered wine with our pizza on Friday night! Both kids did great - Hulk slept through the night both nights and even napped in a pack and play at the beach (in a room - but I was SO impressed! This summer is going to be awesome if this is how well he is going to travel!). Aaron got an insane amount of work done around the house too - but I'm wiped out. We got home on Sunday, and it was crazy hot, Hulk was so excited to be home he wouldn't nap right away, and I was just burned. I dropped them both off at daycare with glee, and I'm now here happily thinking about work stuff.

But I wanted to share some pictures of the weekend - the best part of the weekend for me was walking over the dunes with Hulk, and he looked out over the beach (all that SAND!) and the water... and said.... Wow. Too cute.
We pretty much played in the sand all day:

He wasn't super sure about the waves though:

So I held his hand:

And finally we got close, and he thought it was really funny!

When Hulk napped, Suzanne and I got to knit for a little bit - and of course Maggie helped:

Just a really great weekend. I had so much fun playing with Hulk - something I don't get to do a lot (at least concentrated one on one) anymore. And the weather was just so perfect - it was a real treat.

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Heather said...

He is just too cute!! Glad you had a good trip and they traveled well!