Thursday, December 9, 2010

Again, with the cards.

Last year, I told you about Paper Culture. Besides the fact that they have an absolutely wonderful product (funky, modern designs, very heavy card stock and rounded corners) - they also have a very sweet, kind and understanding staff. I had ordered the birth announcements for the twins while I was still at the hospital - I was so excited about the cute design I had picked - and we all know what occurred soon after that. So - they dutifully sent me a proof to approve, and I had to tell them what happened and cancel my order. They were SO wonderful about the whole thing (including a personal note from the CEO) that I swore I would order every invitation and holiday card from them. Always.

And I have. And even gotten more than a few friends to do the same.

So Monday, when I was obsessing on getting my holiday card figured out, I finally took the time to sit down and enter in all my outlook contacts into their website because they also have a great mail and message service . I was leery of using this at first, because I feel that hand written notes and addressing is 'more proper'... but honestly, the time and energy it takes to do that is something I don't have right now. And they even use real stamps - not the cheesy mail meter type stamps. That is what sold me. And, you can type in personal notes that they print on the back for each person. The way they do it is cool - you do a standard message for all - like Merry Christmas! Love Us! But then you can go in and change the one for your mom or best friend or whatever to be more personal.

So - I happily sat down and spent a good 2 hours inputing all this info, excited that I'd have the addresses in the system for future card/invite sending. I finished around midnight on Monday. Tuesday, I woke up and realized that I forgot to send cards to my brothers. Whoops. That is the disadvantage of the mail and message - you don't get extra cards in case you 'forget' unless you have them sent to your house for $8.99 shipping fee and I opted out of that. I called Paper Culture, and they told me it was no problem, just cancel the current order and add the 3 addresses in and reorder. I did that and then waited. Patiently. HA! Not!

Wednesday I thought I would just go check on the status of my order, and it wasn't in my account. The old canceled order for 47 cards was there, but not the new one. I did get the confirmation email, but I couldn't see the order. I called and it was, in fact, lost somewhere in cyberspace. The guy who was helping me was mortified. I even tried to re-enter everything AGAIN, and it was lost again. So - they sent me a spreadsheet to fill out and are making sure that my cards go out by early next week. But I have to say, that the whole gang at Paper Culture was so nice and so understanding with the crazy lady that had all these problems! Maybe someone else would have gotten pissed, but I'm already a customer for life with these people, and the fact that they were so good about addressing my problem, calling me back right away, and taking interest in giving me great customer service (the first person who was helping me stepped away from his desk - briefed the other guy on the phone what was going on so when I called, I didn't need to retell the whole story).

Great company. Awesome product. Highly recommend them!


HereWeGoAJen said...

Great! I love places with good customer service. It seems so rare these days. Maybe I will order my cards from there next year. This year I used up all of my do-it-by-hand supply (thank goodness) so I am ordering next year.

Brandy said...

Wow, sounds like an awesome company. Of course I'm behind on my cards, I may just have to check them out! :-)

Jen said...

I used them for my cards this year too. They were great!

Amysue said...

Did you get our card?

I loved them after what you told me and their cards are so awesome! I sent one evening on this and it was done. I did also have some sent to me in case I need to send some more, but what a great company!