Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Failed attempts at Christmas Cheer

Well. One successful and one failed.

This weekend, we went to a nearby town and cut down our own Christmas tree for $20. If you can believe it, I've never cut down my own tree! Someone left their land, which included an old Christmas tree farm, to this town's conservation commission. They sell the trees that you cut for $20... but they aren't 'perfect' Christmas trees (which I kind of like better) and the trees are actually about 20 feet tall - but you just cut the tops off. It was a blast! And here is the tree!

The tree was a success. Of course, while putting it up, Cameron was helping pull the ornaments out the box, and broke a snowglobe. What a freaking mess.

The fail of the weekend was trying to take the kids to a Carol Service at church. I was excited to go, as I haven't been in church for a while and was looking forward to catching up with a few people, and also just listening to carols. I love carols. We got there before it started, but the place was PACKED and we ended up in the balcony. I brought plenty of food and things to keep the kids busy - but of course they made some noise. Cam was loving watching the singers - but I had to hold him on my shoulders... and Maggie. Well, Maggie was screeching that she was excited too - but her screeching sounds like crying. So - after about 30 minutes, I decide to leave. In the meantime, a woman comes up, and touches me on the shoulder to tell me that the service is being recorded, and there is childcare available.

What!?!? First off. No one told me either thing. I would have totally put Maggie in childcare - because Cameron is the one that loves the music. And honestly - if I had known it was being recorded - I probably wouldn't have even tried to come - as every time a song finishes, Cameron claps and yells YEAH! So, I'm trying to get myself out of the pew, with two (now very upset because one doesn't want to leave and one wants Mommy) children (oh yeah, forgot to mention that Aaron got called into work so I was on my own) and this woman is now blocking my way on the stairs, continuing to tell me how I'm ruining the recording. THANKS. I was rather rude to her, which I do not regret in the least. Another woman helped carry Maggie down the stairs.

I get outside, in the pouring rain, get the kids in the car, and start to leave, to find out some asshole has blocking the exit. So I need to back out and pray I don't hit anyone. I started crying. I felt awful that I maybe ruined a recording, I felt bad for missing out on the carols myself...and I was just tired from Maggie taking a rather minimal nap. I got home, got everyone settled and in bed. I actually went and looked on the emails that were sent about the service, and no where did it mention that there was childcare or that it was being recorded. Aaron called to check up, and I started crying.Sobbing actually. I told him what happened, and he was PISSED. He was like - it's not a recording studio! They can't get mad at you for that! But I still was upset.

Anyway - we've recovered from all that. The tree is up and the house looks like Christmas and I'm slowly getting into the Christmas spirit.


Melanie said...

I do not consider you attempt a fail. That woman needs to find some Christmas cheer. Children need to be allowed to enjoy music and Christmas carols just like everyone else. Guess what? Children are people too and they deserve the same respect. IMHO, if they want to record it, they can do it during a rehearsal. If you want to do it live, you better expect noise.

I love your tree, by the way! Beautiful!

maresi said...

Man, everything Melanie said above, I echo it. I am the contemporary worship leader at our church, and I LOVE it when the kids get into the music. I cannot understand why she blocked your way out to repeat her crap! As if you weren't harried enough. People haven't changed since Jesus' time when they tried to shoo the kids away from him. I'm so sorry that experience was ruined for you and the kids.

Brandy said...

I completely agree with Melanie about the recording. If you want no extra noise, do it in a setting with no extra noise. Simple enough. Besides, if there really is background noise a good sound technician can edit it out.

As for that woman, she was completely out of line. I'm pretty sure the Lord would have thought something along the lines of this: But Jesus called them [unto him], and said, Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God. That would be from Luke 18:16. Children are gifts and are going to be heard. People who don't appreciate that may need to reconsider whether they have the love of the Lord in their hearts as they should. Just sayin'.

I'm sorry you had such a bad experience but I very much think you did nothing wrong. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and you definitely deserve to crank the carols, even if they aren't live.

Janet said...

Ok, here is my perspective on this.... It's a church right? God welcomes everyone!!! Regardless of what they look like, what they are wearing (nice dress or jeans), screaming kids or well behaved kids. In God's Eyes everyone is welcome! Shame on that lady for making you feel less welcome than the next!! My feelings lately are that I'm lucky if I can make it to church. God knows I'm there, so if that lady wearing the well pressed, $200 dress is judging me for being there in jeans in a sweater & my hair in a pony tail, and dragging my two kids behind me.....well shame on them. The only person I need to impress is The Big Man Himself.

Amysue said...

I work in a synagogue and also chair our Worship commitee and I have to say I am apalled. The primary reason to attend the service is to worship and that bleeping woman basically took a church service, albeit maybe a special one withthe caroling, and turned it into a performance. That sucks. I know that what I would want you to do if it happened at my temple is to call the clergy and let them know. These things don't change if people don't stand up to the bullies and there is someone like that in every faith community.

Don't let some sad person like that ruin your holiday spirit!

Cathy-Cate said...

Love ya, hon, and as a singer and church-y attender -- what a dweeb that woman was! A carol service would involve kids, and any recording of a service involves congregational noise unless it's right from the mics. What a tight-sphinctered pseudo-Christian!

Our place usually puts in the program if there's child care (and in any announcements) so people can take advantage of it if they want to, though we encourage kids in the sanctuary. And kids come with noise!

Ah, well, try again another time, hopefully with Aaron or other reinforcements and better karma!

Nearlydawn said...

Man. That lady sounds like a real treat! I'd have stayed just to piss her off. Really.

That's me though. I'd have kept smiling at her, maybe even speaking a bit of French and acting like I couldn't understand her. :) All the while smiling like an idiot.

I'm laughing just thinking about it. :)

Too bad Ms. Scrooge made it a hard night.

emily said...

Yes, good for you taking the kiddos to the service. All I have to say about that woman is: karma. :)

We have broken a snowglobe before. In my mother's house (which makes it worse). Besides being pissed about the broken glass and nasty water part, I was really surprised how thin the glass was!