Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day One

Today I sent Cam to school in underpants. We've been doing the very very VERY laid back school of potty training. We talk about the potty. He sits on it and pees everyone once in a while - and just in the last week or so, he's been showing signs of being ready. A big help is that a few of his buddies are toilet trained and we were with a playdate with one of them. We were in their kiddie pool when Cam announced that he had to pee (he refuses to wear a swim diaper). His buddy takes him over the the spot in the yard where they pee. (the fact that they have a 'pee spot' in their yard is one of the many reasons I love these friends, by the way). And he peed there. More than once while we were there!

Everyone once in a while, I've showed Cam the Thomas the Train underpants we have. At first, he would FREAK OUT and run away yelling I NO LIKE UNDERPANTS. Which was counter to every thing my friends told me about the allure of Thomas the Train underpants. So I was nervous that I'd scarred him for life with the underpants. I stopped showing him the underpants and even talking about it.

But Monday morning, he found them and asked if he could wear them. I said sure, once you can pee and poop in the potty, they are yours. He looked at me, and said - "Otay". And last night, he went to the potty, and then asked for underpants. So we did it. Then we spent the rest of the evening in the pool with his bathing suit on. This morning, he asked for underpants again.

So I sent him to school in underpants.

He made it 4 hours with no accident! But then he had two accidents and told the director that 'I no like the bathroom'. He was pretty pissed (haha potty humor) and mad that they wouldn't let him wear the pair of underpants that he peed in. He didn't like any of the other 7 pairs of spare underpants I sent with him. Somehow, they convinced him to wear a pullup, and he is napping.

I'm interested to see what is opinion on underpants is after naptime.

The best piece of advice I got when I started talking about this whole potty training thing was to remember that it was HIS project, not mine. So I'm letting him run with it. Although I must admit, I'm excited to be done with diapers. Well. done with 50% of the diapers.


Serenity said...

Funny, we had the same thing happen with O too. After a weekend of hell where we sort of made him wear underwear, he just decided, hey, okay, maybe I'll start peeing on the potty. And now he's about 95% of the way there. Still hasn't pooped, but I guess that's sort of greedy, huh? :)

Here's hoping this is the beginning of the end of diapers for our boys. :)


Beth Kyle said...

I am excited for you too. I can't wait for Z to actually be interested. Yay Cam!

HereWeGoAJen said...

Nice! I'm excited to hear how it goes.

Carrie27 said...

E did the same thing and freaked when it came to wearing underwear, but a little over a week later he was trained. Now, he is begging to wear underwear when he sleeps and we will when he is accident free of them for a week straight. He goes days with no accidents at night and then one night he will.

My parents have all the kids use the potty outside, and they loved it. LOL!

Kahla said...

People always ask how we pottytrained our son and truth is, we didn't. He did it himself. I can remember my MIL asking me a zillion times when we were going to do it and we would always say he would tell us when he was ready. Sure enough, it worked out perfect and he did NOT start kinder in diapers... ha! Now if Emery will do it that easy we'll have it made.

Congrats to Cam on being ready, sounds like he's on the path to becoming a big boy fast!