Thursday, July 14, 2011

Things that make me laugh

I always have funny stories about the gang, but I never think to share them here. So today, I'll tell you things that Cam and Maggie do that totally crack me up.

  • Often, Maggie doesn't want to hold my hand. But she'll hold Cameron's. So I'll ask him to hold Maggie's hand while we walk through the parking lot. He sticks out his hand and says 'Come on, Mags!'

  • Both kids have a nasty summer cold. This morning, Maggie had a HUGE booger hanging out of her nose. I had my back to the kids making lunches. Cam noticed the booger, and said - 'Maggie! Don't booger me!' I turn around, and see Maggie stick her finger up her nose and then start chasing Cam around the kitchen with her booger. Nice, huh? The girl rarely talks, but she already knows how to torture her brother.

  • Speaking of boogers, Cam was picking his nose in the backseat. He 'hit gold' and was asking me for a wipe to wipe it off. It was raining, and I was actually trying to pay attention while driving, and I told him to just 'flick it'. He then showed his buddies at school how to flick their boogers. I know this because numerous parents came up to me and told me their sons are now flicking boogers because Cam showed them how. Sigh.

  • When Cam farts, he laughs and tells me that his butt is talking.

  • Did I already tell you guys that Cam often says OK - but like Buckwheat - O'Tay!

I can't think of any other's - but I love this age. Both kids are super funny, testing limits but still finding joy in little things that we take for granted.


HereWeGoAJen said...

I love that he taught all the other kids at school to flick their boogers.

Sukey said...

Love these!