Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Back to the land of the living

Phew. I feel like I just survived a whirlwind of illness. When I last posted, I mentioned that Aaron was sick. Well, since then, Maggie has been diagnosed with a double ear infection and I was struck down with strep throat! Strep throat as a grown up sucks ass. My throat was on fire, I could barely function, and I missed 3 days of work. Aaron ended up taking the kids to his mother's so I could rest - and I seriously stayed in bed for almost 30 hours straight, only waking up for medicine and drinks.

In non-sickness news - Maggie is the 'I do everything myself' phase - which I knows annoys many people, but I just roll with it. she looks at me with this fierce face and says 'NO HELP MAMA!". She insists on dressing herself. She can get fully dressed by herself, which to me is really impressive for a 27 month old. I switched to pullups for her because she loves being able to get dressed - and the extra 4 cents a diaper is worth it. She is so happy with herself. And what she ends up picking out the wear totally cracks me up. Here is today's outfit:

Jean skirt and striped shirt, my pick. Tights, tutu and super hero cape her additions.

And I have a TV question. How much TV do you guys let your kids watch? Cam gets up early in the morning and watches about and hour to an hour and a half while I wake up and get ready for work, and then sometimes another 30 minutes at night. It's always 'educational' or age appropriate(Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Super Why or Curious George) - but he seems OBSESSED with it. He is always asking to watch TV. Always. It's frustrating at times. Either the TV or the iPad. Sigh.


Deborah said...

Love that outfit! And yeah, you never want to discourage independence, for fear they'll swing too far in the other direction.

J generally watches one movie a day, and on weekends I'll let him watch two. I know that's a lot of TV, but it still allows for some time playing other things. I play on the floor with him every day, and we read books every day. So i figure it's okay.

Rachel said...

Glad you're feeling better!

I think that all kids this age have trouble transitioning away from the tv so you might consider trying a system like a timer to limit it. We don't even have a TV but my daughter occasionally watches it at daycare (I love our daycare provider. Her rules are: "I'm done at 5. You leave your kids later, they'll most likely be in front of the TV" and when I go to pick her up she has her worst temper tantrums ever about turning it off (and absolutely won't leave unless it's turned off). So I'm guessing 30 minutes a week, but even that creates problems for us.

HereWeGoAJen said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. Strep sucks.

Live Maggie's outfit!

Elizabeth is allowed to watch tv when Matt is home. That limits her to about forty-five minutes on weekdays. Sometimes less. On weekends, she scams a few hours. Of course, sometimes we cheat (right now) but it really helps to be able to say "no, we only watch tv when daddy is home."

Melanie said...

Our kids get a max of 1 hour per day during the week. We get a little lax on the weekends, but are trying to place limits on that as well. It would help if daddy would turn it off when he is with the kids, but that is a hard battle. We also combine video game time in with the TV for my son who is 8. I will admit that there are days when Dora the Explorer is my babysitter for about a half an hour while I clean or cook dinner.