Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekend in pictures

We had a BLAST at the cabin. The kids love, love, love my mother. We got up a little later than usual, and drove to that children's museum I talked about (The Amelia Park Museum). What a great place. I would highly recommend it if you are ever in the area!

Then we made our way up to the cabin. Maggie took a nap, and Cam had 'quiet' time. Which was mostly running around checking out everything. When he finally settled down, he asked my mom to play cards with him. Which is a heart melter in my mom's book. Her father used to play cards with all us grand kids all the time - you started out with War as a little kid, moved up to Go Fish, and then it was Rummy 500. And even if you were 3, you were expected to flip the cards right, not cheat, and play until Grandpa won, lol.
Cam is really getting the hang of it - it's a fun card game with kids - because they get to 'win' with each flip of the card.

By the end of the day, Cam was totally ready to pass out. He was completely overtired, and both kids fell asleep by 6:30. Which, of course, meant a 5:30 AM wake up call. Mom took the kids and watched after them while I slept a little longer. She was totally wiped out by the time I came out of my room 2 hours later. The kids had her read them every single book in the house, twice:

They insisted on having 'Circle time' and teaching Henry about polar bears (Henry is SUCH a good dog. He just laid there and watched the kids chatting away to him for about 30 minutes)

And finally, we all went outside for a hike! In the WOODS! Maggie loved it - she kept clapping her hands and yelling ADVENTURE!

My mom just finally made the decision to truly retire. She is selling her main house, and moving up to the cabin. Which is a great decision in my mind. She will have lots of free time to spend with the kids, and not as much stuff to worry about. And now that we only have one dog, it's reasonable for her dog to come and stay at our house. A win-win all around.