Monday, February 6, 2012

She's crafty

Since I can remember, I've loved making things. All sorts of things. Knitted scarves for my dolls, clothes for myself, teddy bears, mittens, and forts outside in the woods. One of the BIG things I remember was my mother being PISSED OFF at the messes I'd make. And squashing many of my artistic vision when she realized what sort of a mess it would entail.

I always said that I'd let my kids go wild with crafts... and thankfully they get a lot of that energy out at school because DAMN. The clean up is exhausting. And it also kills me to watch the kids combine play-doh colors (It takes so much self control not to rip it out of their hands when they are about to squish two different colors together. It's a sickness) And Maggie could paint for hours and hours (hence the whole paint in the tub solution).

As a grown up, I certainly haven't stopped crafting. Before kids, I would knit and sew, and every once in a while dabble in something else (I tried spinning and needlepoint embroidery) but now that I have kids - Freezer paper shirts! Tee-shirt capes! Sidewalk Chalk! Princess wands (and dresses)! Firetruck beds! Reusable snack bags! Dolls! Clothes for dolls! Blankets for dolls! Fairy Houses!

I. Can. Not. Stop.

So, I've perhaps overdone the crafty thing. When I was looking for a way to make the kid's super hero capes, I found a great tutorial on tee-shirt capes. Cam and Maggie were wearing their capes to school everyday - and the reaction from the other kids made me realize that all kids would love capes. So I volunteered to help the kids each make one.Without taking into account how many kids were in Cam's class. There are 22, my friend. That is 22 capes.

Twenty. Two. Capes.

So, tonight I'm having a few other crafty parents over from school, with their kids, and I'm hoping that while the kids play quietly, by themselves (HAHAHA) we will manage to slap these things together. I've already cut out 14 of the capes, and will hopefully get the Velcro sewn on before they arrive. But then we need to to cut out and iron on the freezer paper stencils on the back - because I'm having each kids paint the first letter of their name on the back with fabric paint.

And of course, right after I finished cutting the shirts out, Henry rubbed his jowls all over them so I've had to wash them. Sigh.


Rachel said...

I am in total awe. I hope you'll find a moment to take photos.

HereWeGoAJen said...

Holy Craft Explosion, Batman. I am seriously impressed.

Hey, since you are already making 22 capes, why not make me one too... What's one more at this point, right? (KIDDING.)