Thursday, February 9, 2012


Tomorrow, I'm using a groupon and having a complete spa day. Massage, facial, manicure and a pedicure. Oh yes. It's been a stressful few weeks with friends, family and a bit of over-committedness (not a word I'm sure) - so this is my treat to myself.

But I have so much to share, so I will do a bullet point post...

  • Aaron has got bronchitis. Which means he's been home from work, and has experienced what my mornings are like for the past 3 mornings. In an effort to get us more sleep, Aaron tried to convince Cam that he could stay in his room and play once he woke up - instead of coming into our room. Let me remind you of the fire truck bed. This morning, I hear Cam getting out of bed at 6 AM. He runs down the hall and pops his head in my room. MOM! IS DAD IN THERE?! No sweetie. Do you want to come and watch Sesame Street with me? He shakes his head no, runs back to his room and proceeds to play fire truck. Alarms and all. And then he gets quiet, runs back to my room, and asks if he can go wake up Maggie, because he needs her to be his tiller man. So, that idea was a bit of a backfire.

  • This week was a bit of a craft explosion. I made the capes for Cam's pre-school class and it was a huge hit. Most of the kids LOVED it and the mom's were so impressed. It's nice to get feedback like that considering the amount of time that went into dealing with it all! I don't have a picture of a finished cape - but here is Cam painting his letter:

  • I also somehow found time to make 20 of these little zipper heart pins to give to family and friends for Valentine's day. And a few hot glue gun injuries to go along with it.

  • I finally made the cute fabric bows I saw months ago. I made a one in a few different colors, and Maggie insisted in wearing two different color ones this morning - Like Zoe!

  • And! I ordered photo Valentine cards from tiny prints. They are going to be super cute and should arrive tomorrow, so I can send out my little pins with a cute card from the kids.

  • I bought myself a cake pop maker. My friend got this one for Christmas, and I coveted it. But it makes really large balls (that's what she said, lol) so I got myself this one, and I figure we can share. I'm hoping to make some for Valentines day. I know they aren't 'real' cake pops but I'm thinking these would be less sweet than the cake/frosting mix that is a real cake pop. I'll report back.

  • We've got a busy weekend planned. I'm trying to keep the kids out of the house so Aaron can rest a bit and recover. We are planning on Farmers Market, a playdate, a birthday party for their favorite grown-up Suzanne, and then a hockey game!


Rachel said...

I had no idea such a thing as a cake pop maker existed. Thank you! Definitely adding one to my wish list.

Valerie said...

Have fun at your spa day, I am so jealous!

HereWeGoAJen said...

It sounds like you definitely deserve a spa day!