Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Leftovers

Since I wasn't online Friday and we've done so much these past few days, bullet post it is!
  • Thursday, I took the kids to a local circus. There was a groupon, so it was $26 for 2 adult tickets and 4 children - plus all you could eat pizza. I was all excited about a cheap night out - but everything else was $6. Want an ice pop (in the 100 degree heat)? $6. Ride on a pony? $6. Three slides down the bouncy slide? $6. Thankfully, I ignored the sign that said no outside food or drink, and brought water bottles for all of us. Cam rode a pony and was SUPER excited. The circus itself was fun, a few acrobats, a couple of animal acts and a funny clown. Maggie was VERY distraught by the trapeze and high wire - Uh oh, Mommy! Tell dem to be careful! And she CRIED like bloody murder when the animal acts left (No! Come back!). Cam and his buddy had a BLAST.
  • I don't regret going at all, but damn, it was hot in that tent. It's amazing to me how kids seem to not notice the heat.
  • The next day, I had the day off. I was going on a Girl's Weekend to the Cape (a friend has a house there) so in order to avoid traffic I took the whole day. The friend I was carpooling with couldn't leave until noon.
  • I spent the morning with another pal watching SYTYCD (saved on the DVR) and getting pedicures.
  • Then off to the Cape, where we hit no traffic!
  • Spend the weekend, child-free, reading books, going for bike rides and swimming in the ocean. It was heavenly.
  • Got home just in time for the Block Party I helped plan, which was also a huge success.
  • Monday morning was my first swim team practice - and it was great. I felt awesome during and after - and am looking forward to going again tomorrow!
  • Last night, took the kids to member's only night at the New England Aquarium, where Cam was finally brave enough to pet a shark! He was SUPER excited.
  • And now, I'm getting ready to take all of next week off - we are planning on going up to the coast of Maine.
  • I love summer.
Random question for you all. If you have some alcohol before you go to sleep, do you have trouble sleeping? This was never the case with me, but the last few months I'm finding that if a drink more than a couple drinks (like say 3) I'm up the entire night. And of course, it's not often that I drink that much, so I can't tell if it's the drinks, or something else.


Deborah said...

No traffic to the Cape? Lucky you! I commute home down the SE Expressway, and ever since Memorial Day, my drive home is insane, especially on Fridays. If I don't leave work by 3:30, I won't get to preschool on time.

I heard all about the Aquarium thing this morning at preschool, too. I guess a couple of people went. It sounds like you're doing a lot of fun things.

HereWeGoAJen said...

That sounds like pretty much one of the best summer weeks of all time.

Yes, I do have trouble sleeping. I mean, I really haven't had more than a drink or two in the last SIX years, but yes. And that's a studied one too, alcohol disrupts sleep, even though most people don't think it does.

Cece said...

Yeah, yeah - I know the studies, but I didn't believe it. Now, I do. Getting old sucks.

Cece said...

We didn't even hit traffic on the bridge on Sunday. It was insane. We didn't speak of it.

Carrie27 said...

When we went to the circus we got a good deal too. I only let them pick one thing to ride or do and that was it, because with three kiddos that adds up fast.

Have you tried drinking a bunch of water after drinking? I only have a couple every once in a blue moon and always drink water after and seem to pass out just fine. LOL!