Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tee Shirt Dress

This Sunday, we are attending our first Tyke's Club game. When I got the email about joining, I saw that each member got a tee-shirt, but the sizing was youth s/m/l. Even Cam is still too small for a youth small, so I called to ask if they happened to have an extra small shirt. They were able to find one from a previous year in extra small for Cam, but what about Maggie? She would love to have a special baseball outfit too! And then I saw a cute tutorial for a tee shirt dress.

The tee-shirt in the tutorial was made out of an adult shirt, but I figured I could do it even easier with a youth small size. If you have scissors and a sewing machine, you can make this!

Here is the shirt:

I took a 3T dress with simple shaping, folded both the dress and the tee shirt in half:, and laid the dress on top as a pattern:
Here it is cut out:
And all I did was sew up the sides, stopping at where I wanted the armholes to be. I was going to do a bit more shaping for the arms when I first planned making this, but there is a pattern on the back of the shirt too. If I did anymore shaping that design would have been cut into.
Turns out that a youth small sized shirt is the exact same length for a toddler 3T dress. I'm hoping it looks more 'dress-like' on Maggie. On the hanger, it just looks like a tee shirt with the arms cut off! I'll try it on her when she gets home - if I have some space, I may do a little more shaping in the waist to make it flare a little more... but I know that she will love having a special baseball dress for the game on Sunday. 

And if it really looks silly, it was a free tee-shirt and took me all of 10 minutes to make.


BrandiH said...

I just love how crafty you are! I bet she loved it!

Cece said...

She did love it! It kind of looks like a 'tough girl' dress when I put it on her.