Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Daydreaming of summer

It's getting to that point in the winter where I turn to thoughts of summer and vacations. With Aaron's work, it's hard to do too much for vacations - as he only gets 3 weeks total time off a year (including sick time). And he also isn't big on vacations away from home, because while we are away from home, he keeps thinking of things he could be fixing around our house and doesn't relax. Which makes me tense and unable to relax. So - it's up to me to think about things like trips and vacations... and figure out which ones he'll come with us on and which ones he won't.

And I don't think the kids are really ready for BIG vacations yet. We aren't huge Disney fans, but I plan on taking them there twice - once when they are little enough to enjoy the 'magic' and then again when they are big enough for all the roller coasters. I feel like if we went now, it would be fun, but they are too young for it to be a real memory.

My plan is to do this year the same as what we did last year - a few short trips to visit friends and family, and then little day trips around Boston. The change I'm planning this year is to reduce the kids' daycare for the month of July down from 5 days a week to 3 days a week (big cost savings), and make solid plans that month. I started to look into all the different options, and WOW. I'm a little nervous for when I have to make real summer plan when the kids are in school! There are a million different camp options and the costs vary wildly! But - so far, here are my plans:
  • We'll go to Nantucket for the 4th of July
  • I'll take the kids to visit my friends in Maine for a long weekend
  • I'll take the kids to the cabin - they can hang out with Grandma while I work.
  • Maggie will go to Pony Camp! There is a nearby camp where kids from 3-5 years old spend 3 hours a day for a week doing all sorts of horse things.
  • Cam will go to our local town camp the same week Maggie is in Pony Camp- I'm sure he will love it!
  • Get a pass for the local beach.
  • Go to a few minor league baseball games.
I've got a few other ideas up my sleeve, but that is the high level plan for the summer. Little shots of excitement here and there - nothing major. I was thinking of possibly taking Cam on a little camping trip, but I'm not sure on that one. I'm not a great camper to begin with (I love my bed a bit too much) - and I wonder if he is old enough. Still deciding on that one.

What about you? Daydreaming of summer yet?


Jenna said...

I keep writing "June" when I'm writing the date in emails right now, so I'm obviously subconsciously sitting on the beach on my vacation. :)

Sukey said...

I LOVE camping and haven't gone in a few years. I don't have much equipment anymore but have my own sleeping bag and pad - what more do you need?! (as long as it doesn't rain) HINT, HINT ;)

Carrie27 said...

I like the freedom of summer, but definitely not the heat.