Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Super Random

I have a bunch of small stories to tell - this is more than leftovers, but a lot of random. Enjoy!

  • I'm a bit of a clothes hoarder. I'm one of the last in my group of friends to have kids, so I get a lot of handmedowns. But I also will see a bag of used clothes for sale for $10, and will grab it and store it for whenever my kids hit that size. Maggie has just had a little growth spurt, and so I decided to change over her clothes to 4T. Well. It's ridiculous. There are 60 dresses. In the past, I've just stuffed all the clothes in her dresser - but it's so much, and she honestly ends up only wearing 10-20 of each thing, that this time I'm picking out the things I really like, and getting rid of the rest. I've thankfully got lots of people to share with - a girl friend with twins just 6 month younger than Maggie, and another neighbor that has a girl Maggie's size. But I'm not doing this again! Just sorting it all out is madness. And while I was at it - I got rid of all of Cam's 4T stuff - 4 big garbage bags of clothes for one kid. Including FOUR winter jackets. Four. WTF. But it's nice to purge and clean.
  • Maggie is all of a sudden very against peeing in her diaper overnight. Which is the opposite from Cam, who still doesn't understand why Aaron and I don't wear diapers to bed (What do you do if you have to pee when you are in bed, Mama? I get up and use the potty. Oh. Maybe I should work on that. Yes, yes you should.)  She has been waking up with a dry diaper many mornings. Last week she woke up sobbing and Aaron ran in to see what was wrong - "Daddy! I peed in my diaper!". Aaron came back in the bedroom and was like - what the heck was that about!? She was still upset about it in the morning. Last night, I was just about to go to bed at 10:30, and I hear Maggie yelling for me and crying. I go in, and she tells me she has to pee. So I tell her, well, let's go potty! I took her to the bathroom, she peed, and went right back to bed. I'm wondering if I should get her up right before I turn off the light to pee and stop with the diapers? Has anyone else had a kid crying because they didn't want to pee in their diaper?
  • I'm often cracking up at the things my kids say - we are mostly past the stage where they pronounce things differently (my favorites: Cam would say 'fuckernail' for fingernail, and Maggie still often will say 'orsange' or orange) - but man do they make me smile.
    • This morning, I was explaining to Cam about the fog we were seeing on the way to school. We ended up with a HUGE amount of snow this weekend. The forecast was for 5-8 inches, and we ended up with 24. We had a BLAST playing in the snow and making snow forts and sledding this weekend, but this week, the temperatures are in the 50s, so the snow is quickly melting - and the warm air and snow cause fog in the mornings. I thought that the kids would be sad to see the snow go - but Cam informed me that he didn't like winter. When I asked why, he said "Because you have to wear too many clothes". And Maggie chimes in and says "The snow is TOO high". Which is true - we haven't had a lot snowstorms this year, but we when it has snowed, it's been huge amounts. Oftentimes the snow is higher than Maggie, and she is NOT a fan.
    • Both kids, when given a piece of clothing that they LOVE will say "I want to wear this forever and ever."
    • Last night, we were playing with a fun reusable sticker book (which I totally recommend - the kids played quietly with this for an hour last night, and the stickers really seem to be sturdy and restickable). Cam was playing with dinosaurs, and he was telling me the names - "This is a T-rex, this is a pterodactyl, this is a brontosaurus, this is a fly-a-saur, this is a water-a-saur..."
    • Then - when he was playing with the ocean one, he kept putting the little fishes in the 'reef' so they were safe from the bigger fishes. Love it.


Anonymous said...

My mom says I was potty trained at 18 months. She took me before she went to bed for the night and anytime she woke up during the night.

Stace said...

I highly suggest NOT waking her up to use the bathroom when you're heading to bed. My cousins did that with their kids- they'd wake them every night at 12 to pee and then go back to bed. Well, once they stopped doing it the kids didn't get up on their own because they hadn't learned to realize the cues on their own & they all became bedwetters because they were used to depending on their parents wake signals and not their bodies. Just a thought...


Cassie Channell said...

My little girl did the same. She would CRY because she accidentally peed in her diaper or pull up. Last spring when she was 2.5 we went to Thunder over Louisville and I had to run her to port-a-potties all day because she refused to use a pull up. I did wake her up for about a week before I went to bed then decided to just let her tell me. Sounds like she is telling you by crying and it woke her so I would just give underwear a try at night and see how she does. A tip though. Put a sheet on the bed. Then one of those fitted waterproof mattress pads, then another sheet. That way if she does have an accident it is a quick, easy blanket change and cleanup then right back to bed