Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Zip A Dee Do Dah

Yesterday, I was coming off the stress of Maggie being sick. This happens whenever one of the kids get sick, but more so with Maggie - because when she gets a fever, it really spikes (she has had fever's over 104 twice so far, and was hospitalized once for it). I stayed home with her Monday. She slept all night, but woke up at 4 AM crying and asking for water. Aaron gave her a little water, got her tucked back into bed and about 30 minutes later, she woke up and threw up everywhere.

Thankfully that was her last episode, but I spent the day watching and worrying about her. She kept asking for peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and all I could envision was it coming up all over the living room. So I let her have tiny bits (and sat her on an old shower curtain with a bucket. Another note, having kids that understand they should throw up in the bucket is life changing). When it became apparent she was done throwing up, she basically ate her way through the day. But Jesus. The stress of a sick kid kills me. I watch her every move. is she drinking enough? Is she OK? Is the fever gone? Should she have another nap?

Does everyone feel this way when their kid is sick? Or do I need to get over myself!?

But anyway, when everyone woke up yesterday in good spirits, I was even more happy about it that normal. Maggie was giggling and playing and Cam was so excited to have his partner in crime back. They were running around playing and having fun while I got dressed. They were off to school (Cam in shorts! He couldn't believe his luck!), and I got to work. The weather was perfect, the trees are in full bloom, and I was thinking to myself that it was a pretty great day.

Then, I get in and find out I won a raffle and got the Cindy bag I couldn't justify buying at my 31 Gifts show a few weeks ago. AND I find out that my cousin scored me some of the awesome Super Goop (yet expensive, but TOTALLY worth it) sunscreen I use on my kids for cost.

Healthy kids, raffle winning, perfect weather, deals... made me want to sing that damn Disney song 'Zip a dee do dah, zip a dee ay, my oh my what a wonderful day, plenty of sunshine, headed my way....."


Deborah said...

I don't feel that way when one of my kids gets sick - neither one of them has ever been that seriously sick. Mostly I enjoy that my son will sleep more and we get to cuddle more. But no, you don't need to get over yourself. I think after losing Nora, it would be weird if you didn't worry when one of the others gets sick! I think it is totally normal to worry like that (especially if Maggie's been hospitalized for fever before).

Catwoman73 said...

I get paranoid when the wee woman is sick. But I think it's because I work in health care- in intensive care, no less- so I am predisposed to thinking the worst. You definitely don't need to get over yourself- I think it's natural to worry.