Monday, April 29, 2013

Ferry Beach Weekend

This weekend was our annual trip to Ferry Beach. I just love it there. It's a low key retreat with friends from our church, and this is our 4th year going. I was telling someone about the place, and said I'm so glad I went on a whim the first time. I took Cam all by myself when he was 5 months old - and I found out just what a beautiful place it was - and I've made a  point of going ever since.

Very first thing we did was to fly kites. They really remembered that from last year, and I brought the kids their very own $1 kites to fly. Cam got his up in the air all by himself - and Maggie got help from one of the bigger kids.

But this year was really the first year I was able to participate in the actual retreat part - I think it was a combination of the events that were scheduled were more my kids speed, but also because the kids are finally part of the 'herd'. The first thing we did was Sand Mandalas on the beach. What an awesome idea! They had colored sand that they drew on the beach with paper cones. The kids were easily able to make something fun, and some of the more creative people made some really beautiful things. Here the kids are helping my friend Carole add rocks and shells to her creation.

Cam is totally old enough to be scooped into the bigger group, and he had SO much fun running free with the big kids. It was just wonderful to watch how excited he was, and how sweet the bigger kids were to him. Here was the view I was welcomed to when I went to check on the kids after lunch. I had let them leave the dining hall 'to go play with my big friends'. See how they all all just hanging together? I don't think those kids have any idea how awesome they were.

 While Cam was out playing with the big kids, Suzanne, Maggie and I were able to go and do the crafty things. Maggie was too young for most things, but in normal Maggie form, she sat and quietly 'helped' me - so much fun. We did a workshop in Zentangle and also an origami class. And I had time to knit on the beach!

All good things come to an end, and both kids were VERY tired Sunday morning. So we headed out pretty quickly, and I had a planned pit stop to see a miniature horse farm. We actually couldn't find it, but both kids were passed out - so it didn't matter. Then Maggie woke up crying and threw up all over herself. We got home and found out she had a fever, and at the docs found the start of an ear infection, and a wheezy cough. I'm home with her today, and thankfully I think the puking part is over - we had three more times, but she is holding down water now and her toast with jelly.

Now to just pray I don't get it.

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Catwoman73 said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend- except the puking part! Hope Maggie's feeling better!