Monday, April 15, 2013

Party Planner

The birthday party was a huge hit. There were 15 kids and two simple things kept them running around having a blast for almost 4 hours - a simple beanbag game and the marshmallow shooters. At first, the kids played like they were 'supposed to' with the bean bag game (like my art work?) but soon they figured out to hide behind it and have kids throw the beanbags at them, and then they would duck. Sigh.

Cam was delighted to be in charge of showing everyone how to make the marshmallow guns work - and a few of the kids there who normally aren't allowed junk food may have overdosed on sugar.
One of the nicest things was the turn out. I invited about 50 people, and pretty much everyone said yes. It made me really happy that people were willing to travel for a mid-day BBQ just to show Aaron a little birthday love. I think he was most tickled that his Grandmother came from Nantucket - she claims she wouldn't have missed it for the world! Here she is putting the candles on the cake - I got a photo cake from BJs, and it was fun and perfect! I usually stress over making the cake myself, and this couldn't have been easier. $20 and a cute picture of Aaron when he was Cam's age.

I did rely on pinterest for a bunch of the outdoor game ideas - but my favorite was this guestbook idea. The version on pinterest was on a canvas, so you could frame it, but since Aaron is a big woodworker, and he was in on the surprise, I had him use his carver to put 'Happy 40th Aaron!' and then made sure all the guests put a fingerprint 'balloon' on it. I think it came out awesome. 

People kept telling me I should be a party planner, which made me feel great - a bunch of the kids(there were 15 kids at the party!) told their parents that was the kind of birthday party they wanted. Maggie kept coming up to me and saying 'This is the BEST birthday EVER!'. High praise indeed.

After the party was over, we left the kids with our friends and made our way into Boston. We had a glass of wine, and then relaxed a bit at our hotel before a WONDERFUL dinner at Mooo on Beacon Street. Here we are as we wait for the car to drive us back to the hotel.

It was a great weekend, lots of fun (the kids even had a classmate's birthday party on Sunday afternoon) but I need a bit of a detox from all the rich food and adult beverages!


Carrie27 said...

Love how you decorated the bean bag box. Adorable!

Happy belated birthday to Aaron!

HereWeGoAJen said...

I am going to hire you to plan all my birthday parties from now on. This was awesome.