Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Night Leftovers

  • Saturday I'm having a big 'surprise' birthday party for Aaron. I tried to make it a surprise, but I just couldn't pull it off. I needed his help to get everything done.
  • I took the kids to Walmart to pick out presents for Aaron - he got Chocolate pop tarts, two 98 cent kites (princess and spongebob) and a pair of Teenage Mutant Ninja PJ pants. Exactly what he wanted, I'm sure!
  • My mom was planning on coming today so she could hang out for a bit before the party with the kids - but then called on yesterday and asked to come yesterday. She is FINALLY relaxing in retirement and understanding that she can come whenever and just be with us. She even brought a delicious Turkey Divan for dinner.
  • Aaron is usually the morning guy. He cleans up the kitchen, takes out the trash, and makes the kids lunches. Three days this week he's just walked out of the house - even leaving his lunch on the counter. I called this morning when I couldn't find the kid's lunch boxes (he put them in his car and brought them to work with him, lol). So I was teasing him that now that he is almost 40, he must be getting forgetful. He said if I keep teasing him - he'll stop doing stuff in the morning - I laughed and said - You already HAVE stopped! He didn't think I was funny.
  • This morning, Mom declared we should go out for a fancy lunch. So we are.
  • It's super cold here today, after a week of normal spring weather. I didn't even notice, but the house temp was 60 degrees. My mom's dog was pacing the house until I light a fire and turned on the heat. Funny dog.
  • Tomorrow is the party, and thank god the weather is back to normal, because in usual Cece form I've planned an outdoor party with no contingencies for rain/cold - and 24 adults and 15 kids are coming.
  • The party had a 'He-man' theme, and I was going to have a bunch of events of strength and skill - but time got away from me, so we will have a tug of war, marshmallow shooters for everyone, a bean bag toss, a pinata and a keg. I figured it was more important to entertain the kids - and the grownups will be distracted by the beer, right!?
  • After the party, we are leaving the kids with friends and going for a night in Boston - dinner and a hotel! Hurrah!


HereWeGoAJen said...

Happy birthday, Aaron!

It sounds like a great party. And with such great presents.

Catwoman73 said...

Now I want chocolate pop tarts... lol... Hope the 'surprise' party went well!