Friday, April 19, 2013


This week has been so surreal. Before kids, Aaron and I lived in Boston. We walked around where the bombing happened daily. I ran the marathon in 2003. I've waited at that finish line for friends SO MANY TIMES. In college, my brother and I made a day of watching the marathon and going to a Red Sox game. With the beautiful weather on Monday, I even considered taking the day and bringing the kids in to watch a Patriots Day parade (although honestly, probably not all the way into Boston). Last night, we were scheduled to take the kids to a members only night at the NE Aquarium - right near the area where this massive manhunt is happening RIGHT NOW. Since all of us have a pretty bad cold, we opted out (and in the back of our minds, I'm sure the bombings had something to do with the decision, truth be told).

It hits home hard. It's terrifying to me. When bad things happen, even though I've felt for those effected, I could easily say - that couldn't happen to me. Guess what? I could have been right in the middle of Monday. I have a cousin who goes to Harvard. Another cousin who works across the street from MIT. So many friends who live in Watertown.

I still haven't brought myself to watch the news. I scroll through twitter and I listen to NPR. I can't watch the visuals of the actual bombing or the victims. Things like that are too much for me on a normal day - add in that it's MY TOWN, and its just too much.

I pray this all ends soon, without anymore causalities, so we can start working to our new normal.


Deborah said...

Me, too. So scary.

I keep thinking, with all the updates, at least they haven't reported any more casualties.

HereWeGoAJen said...

I was so stressed out over this whole thing with how many friends and family I have in Boston. I am so glad that it is over.