Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Well, this year marks 3 years of marriage for Aaron and I!

Before I met Aaron, I'm sure lots of us have the same story, but I dated dirtbags. The best way to descibe it is that they would 'take advantange of my good nature'. One asshole even took my credit card and charged $20,000. Nice, huh? I'm still paying that off.

I was obviously somewhat despondent when all that happened. I had decided that I would just be on my own for the rest of my life. A couple of friends pushed me out into the dating world... and I went... mostly because I was lonely. I dated a few guys (jerks, but at least at this point I could recognize them!!). And then, I met Aaron.

For our first date, I picked a safe bet - going out for ice cream. He came and picked me up on his motorcycle (hot!!). I had started using my dog as a good 'man checker' and she ran right up to meet him when he walked up to the door. Good sign number one. We went out for ice cream, talked for hours... decided to go to the beach for a walk.... talked for another few hours.... drove home, and had the best first kiss ever.


And, 6 years later... we are married, we bought a house, we have another dog, and are trying to start a family. And I can't imagine doing this with anyone else.


serenity said...

Happy anniversary!!!!

Chris said...

Happy Anniversary! I just love your story! I always tell my hubby that before him my life was in black and white and now it's in color. As much as I want a baby, I have just so tickled to have the perfect hubby for me and I'm so glad you have the perfect hubby for you too!

Samantha said...

Happy anniversary!

Frieda said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!! It is great to end up with the perfect husband!!

Laura, the (reluctant) baroness said...

Happy Anniversay! It's so nice to wake up to see your best friend every morning, isn't it?

Geohde said...

Happy anniversary.

When I first met my hubby, I knew I'd marry him. I just never thought we'd turn trying to get pregnant into a career. It's funny how life works out :)