Wednesday, May 23, 2007


This week hit pretty much every kind of family gathering you could get - Friday night we had a close friend's 30th birthday, Saturday night a wedding, Sunday night another birthday, and last night our anniversary! And, even though I'm not charting or using OPKs.... I'm pretty sure I O'd either the day before or actually on my anniversary! Needless to say, we had some pretty excellent timing this month (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

But that got me thinking... we have had good timing pretty much EVERY month. For at least the last 18 months (I was just assuming that I O'd on CD14 when we first started TTCing). Tuesday, I go to the doc to get my protocol for IVF. But I keep hoping that we managed to do it 'naturally'. But afraid too - because I know that I would be excited, but also totally freaked out if we got a BFP - wondering if it was ectopic. This whole IVF thing is a little scary. I know that loads of people have gone through it...but the shots, the egg retrieval and transfer.... and the odds? I don't even think I asked my RE what the odds were for me (unexplained infertility). I guess I need to start making a list, as I slowly get more and more freaked out, waiting for the appointment on the 29th.

This little 'break' we have been on since April has actually been nice - but I need to move forward...take more action! Get pregnant!

It's Wednesday, so my weekly report is due. I'll admit, all that celebrating had an impact on my weight. But, yesterday I threw on a pair of pants that hasn't fit me well in years - and they looked great. So, the scale my not be cooperating, but my ass is!

Walking: 4 three mile walks (lots of rain and a hangover lessened my time to walk this week)
Yoga: 4 times. I totally didn't want to go yesterday, but forced myself. My back was hurting - and going to yoga actually made it feel better. Huh.
Weight: Gained 1.5 pounds - 7 pounds to go - but 8 pounds lost since the last doctor visit. I'm still hovering around that spot that I plateaued at last year.... I'm trying to eat less sodium to see if that makes an impact.

This wasn't really the best week I've had in terms of the weight loss, but if this was a few months ago - it would have been a heck of a lot worse. I was very careful about what I ate at each party... I honestly think the weight gain is from last night - a bit of water weight again. But we'll see as the week goes on. And swimming? I'm just going to admit that it's too late at night. I'll walk more on those days.


Laura, the (reluctant) baroness said...

Your dedication to exercise and your weight loss is great!! Don't get bummed because of one week. The big picture is you're doing a wonderful job!

The possibility of moving on to IVF soon makes me a little nervous, too. Making a list is a great idea!

Chris said...

Congratulations on keeping up with your exercise in spite of all of the celebrating. I haven't had any exercise at all for the past 2 1/2 weeks, since I found out I was miscarrying. Time to get back to it, and you are the perfect inspiration!
FYI, I did get pregnant on the cycle before starting IVF drugs, so it CAN happen. I hope it happens for you, and I hope it happens for me again.

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Happy Belated Anniversary!!

Moving onto IVF is scary, but you will make it through and you will have people here to support you.

Geohde said...

You're doing a fantastic job on the weight/exercise thing and I congratulate you absolutely!

As for the baby thing, my fingers are crossed for you, I know how it feels to want what you don't have.

Look after yourself.

Ann said...

Happy anniversary! May your "perfect timing" this month be just that--perfect.