Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Fair

Hey gals - good advice on the trying not to plan. I'll give it my best shot - but I do need to give my work and Aaron some sort of outline so they know what to expect.

In other news, this weekend was the Bolton Fair. It's the next town over from us, and I entered a bunch of my knitting into the competition. Go look over at my knitting blog to see all the prizes!

When I was over knitting at my neighbors house (we get together and knit and drink every Wednesday night - it's fun!) I bought over some of the stuff I was thinking of entering, and asked if anyone was going. Tara and Colleen said they hadn't gone before and would love to - so we met up on Sunday and all went. I had thought that the husbands were going too, so brought Aaron. Well, turned out to be me, Aaron, Tara and her 9 month old son, and Colleen and her 6 month old son.


Truly, it was no big deal - because I hang out with these women often, and they are really fun. But Evan (Colleen's son) really wanted to be held, and of course, it's hard to hold a baby, push a stroller and eat fair food all at the same time - so we were passing Evan between Aaron and I all day. I love Even, so it was cool. And Aaron was really cute about the whole thing - pushing strollers and helping everyone out. I guess that since this is what I expect when I hang out with my neighbors, that I didn't even give it a second thought.

Aaron, as we were walking out, whispered in my ear - "next year, we'll have our own baby to be hauling around the fair."

I think that when guys socialize, it's rarely with a baby in the mix. So, for Aaron to spend a whole day with babies helped him realize what my crowd is like. I do still have a few non-mommy friends, but on my street? If I want to be social, almost 80% of the conversation is based around the cute things their baby did, or school bus dramas or lead paint recalls. I really enjoy hanging out! And these woman are all great - I just think that spending a day with babies at a fair had made Aaron realize why I want a baby so badly.

And why, sometimes it's hard to see babies. Everywhere. Except with me.


mary ellen said...

Seeing babies is hard. Hell even thinking about babies is hard for me.

Deborah said...

Oh, I second that. I somehow got on pregnancy mailing lists, and I get all these emails about breastfeeding, and magazines about babies and junk mail about stuff for babies...
It is really depressing.
(have been reading for awhile and wanting to post, but I couldn't think of anything to say)

Baby Step said...

I personally think there are more babies now than I ever remember seeing....maybe it is just because I focus on them so much. And every woman that passes me by, I look at her belly to see if she is pregnant. It reminds me of when I was single and I fixated on everyone's ring finger to see who was lucky enough to be married.

Geohde said...

Seeing babies can be rather like a well meaning mother pinning you down and rubbing salt into an open cut rather than cuddling her bundle to joy and asking when you plan to have one.

They mean well, but...

I truly hope that your husband is right.



Chris said...

Yes, seeing babies everywhere is hard. We will have a 3 month old in the house this weekend, for a couple of days. My brother, sister in law and their 2 kids are visiting. I just may not let them take little Ryan home with them!

Wordgirl said...

Oh -- I so understand what you're saying. Cute, and yet heart stompers.