Thursday, September 6, 2007

Good mood

I have to admit - I was totally resigned to not doing IVF until December. What with all the crappy insurance stuff and my feelings about the Old Doc still lingering, I just wasn't optimistic. For whatever reason, now I am.

Want a little peak into my IVF daydreaming? Here is how I think it'll play out. Right now I'm on CD 14. I think the doc was telling me that I would do lupron on CD 21... but even if I didn't, I think I would still have to wait to start everything until next cycle. Best case, I think the insurance will take 2 weeks to come back with an answer, and let's assume they don't submit until the 10th. So - an answer by the 24th. AF is due on the 28th. If she doesn't have me do Lupron.... I guess I could be doing the retrieval in the middle of October! Lupron (if I'm doing it?) to start on the 18thish.... and then next AF due on the 25th. Retrieval on Nov 8th?

For someone who has basically been waiting since April to get started on all this IVF crap - only a month until we do it seems impossibly close.


mary ellen said...

That's awesome news!!

Chris said...

You sound like you are in a fantastic place! Good for you!

Changing Expectations said...

Great news! A month is close. Hope that it goes by quickly!

Geohde said...

Effing A!

Lupron is a good choice. Shoving synarel up your nose is far less satisfying and reliable than shoving home a subcut. needle.

I'm so vicariously excited for you

Your partner in IVF crime!

amysue said...

I'm so glad you're finally moving forward in "real time" as opposed to the crap you were dealing with before.
Oh and call me on my cell when you ca-big news!