Monday, September 24, 2007

I made it through....

This weekend with my MIL visiting was totally fine. We share hobbies in common - so when she arrived while Aaron was coaching, we went out for lunch, and then to a few quilt stores. I even picked up a little Christmasy type project to do myself. Usually I don't do the cheesy seasonal quilt stuff - but this one is cute.

She did take me aside and do a bit of a lecture that when bad things happen to us, that we can't just hid away from family. I pretty much think that I can do whatever it is that I think will help me get through it! And of course, the whole time she was here, she was gushing over how cute Aaron's older brother's children are, and what dress my niece is wearing to the family wedding... blah blah blah. She has no clue that what she is saying is exactly why I'm avoiding her, but whatever. I don't have the energy to educate her, and it isn't like she lives right next door.

We had to push the IVF class off another week. Aaron's new boss is coming into town for ONLY this Thursday - so he has meetings with her all day. I, of course, have a meeting with a big-wig in my firm for lunch the next Thursday.... and they don't have the class on the holiday week, and we have to do the class before we start everything (which will be Oct 12th). So - I'm just going to suck it up and miss my facetime with the bigwig. What is more important, really? I can't believe this is all happening, FINALLY!

I did do the math, and looks like my ER may be the exact weekend I'm planning on going away (but I'm sure they try to time things so it's not over a weekend), and I'll be having my beta right before Thanksgiving (which we are spending at my MILs). So - everyone will pretty much know right away if it worked or not - because Thanksgiving is a huge drinking holiday in our family! No hiding until the 2nd trimester for me!

Wow - that was a pretty optimistic thing to say.... let's hope this optimism stays with me....


Geohde said...

Cece, if there is one piece of assvice I can give (to get it out of my system) for you to ignore, it would be the following.

Do not assume when your ER might be.

Mine was meant to be four days ago-ish and I'm *still* stimming.

Now why does that sentence read like a bad omen for me.....? Ignore that part.

Good luck,



babystep said...

I was going to say -- not sure that the clinics try to avoid the weekends, don't most work 7 days a week? How great would it be to have to avoid wine over Thanksgiving because you got a BFP! I am going in for my lupron challenge next week.

Chris said...

I second that! You never know just how long it will take. They thought I would be up for egg retrieval the second week of October, now it looks like the first. My biggest piece of assvice . . . go with the flow. Don't plan. Just flow.

Tracy & Scott said...

I agree with fact, in addition to not assuming, you might now want to "plan" all that much either.

My ET was this past Sunday - I think they do them when they need to be done.

Good luck!!!