Friday, September 21, 2007

You gals....

Are just so sweet. I loved all the comments on my book tour questions and the birthday wishes! It really was a wonderful birthday - a bit more low key than I'm used to, but it's what I wanted this year.

I really just shot those answers off quickly as I was on my way to my massage - and I re-read them after I got all the positive comments. I think it's pretty interesting to me how optimistic I still am. Maybe it's because my diagnosis is unexplained infertility? I know that I have an 80% chance of getting pregnant on my own within 4 years... and hey - I've been trying for almost 3! My turn has to be soon, doesn't it??!??!?!

This weekend my mother in law is visiting - just for a quick overnight. Aaron is actually pretty excited about it - it's her first visit I think since we moved in (over 2 years ago) that didn't include another reason for her to be there (a wedding, Aaron's brother was here with his babies, or a birthday party for her brother in law that also lives in our town). He acts all tough about it - but the fact that his relationship with her is so much harder than with his father is hard on him. He, of course, is coaching a soccer game when she is slated to arrive, so I'll be entertaining her on my own for a few hours. I should make it.

Worry if there isn't a post by Tuesday.

; )

In IVF news, AF is due today. She isn't here yet, but I feel the warning signs (all nice and bloated, zits, all that fun stuff). I called and got Aaron and I into our IVF 'class' (whatever that means? Mary Ellen? What is it?). That will be on Thursday morning next week from 8 AM - 11 Am! Geez. I'm bringing my knitting.


Geohde said...

I played hookey on my IVF class, but I'm such a rebel as we both know.




I love your use of statistics, and I hope this works out perfectly for you.



Meghan said...

Good luck with your mother in law! And with your IVF class ;-)

mary ellen said...

That IVF class sucks. I am just being honest. Be prepared to be bored out of your minds for about 4 hours. Steve bitched under his breath from start to finish. Although I had already been through IVF twice when we went to ours so you might find it interesting. But, once it's over it's over, and you will get your protocol which is kinda cool. Good luck!