Thursday, February 14, 2008

Details and thoughts....

So, after I posted my initial 'Delayed' information yesterday, I got a chance to talk to my nurse in more detail.

Feb 14th, start the pill
Feb 21st, start lupron
Feb 27th, last pill
March 3rd, go in for baseline, probably start stim meds that night
Assume week of March 10th for egg retrieval and embryo transfer

So - not to big of a delay. And yeah, you guys were right, I have every right to be upset - but with all the crisis at work and the other stuff going on, in the grand scheme of things, 2 weeks is only 2 weeks. I'll deal.

I've never messed with my cycle before like this, and I know plenty of others have, so I'll be fine. I just feel like anything that can go wrong will go wrong with me! Seriously. A flood? Water in the walls that pose a mold threat to the IVF lab? I was thinking that this could only happen to me. Well, me and all the other woman in my clinic! Ha.

Happy Valentines day to everyone! Aaron did the proper thing - sweet cards and yummy chocolate. I gave him the same... but got those personalized M&Ms - he thought they were great.


Baby Step said...

You will be right behind me now. I start stimming on 2/22 and the ER/ET is going to be the week of 3/2. I hope this is it for both of us! Sorry for the rotten luck!

Malloryn said...

I'm glad it won't be delayed as much as you thought. Best of luck! And enjoy those chocolates :)

Geohde said...

Sorry to hear about the delay, but I guess it's better than a mouldy IVF suite.


Abby said...

Wow, flod at the hospital, that is nuts. But, glad to hear things are on there way... you will be right behind me too!

beautycourage said...

The waiting is the worst! Hang in there!