Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My SIL is pregnant

Like, 6 weeks. This is the one that got married just this past October. I want to cry. I really didn't expect that I would have this reaction.


I'm sure I'll be happy for her in a bit - but I guess this is my gut reaction. And I wish it wasn't.


Duchess said...

I am so sorry. I always dread getting that phone call. I say a good cry and some hot chocolate are in order.

Geohde said...

Honey, I'm sorry.

It's a natural reaction. It's why it really really sucked telling my sister (recurrent m/c's) that I was pregnant.

Because we've all been on the other side of happy announcements,


serenity said...

Oh hon, g-d do I know how much that sucks. When my SIL told us she was pregnant, I cried for a full DAY. It took me a REALLY LONG time to accept it.


Thinking of you.

Deborah said...

That is a normal reaction. It would be nice to be above it all and be happy for her, but really, you don't need to feel upset AND guilty for feeling upset at the same time. I like Duchess's idea.

The Town Criers said...

I'm sorry, sweetie.

Jennifer said...

My best friend got married to Prince Charming in October and was pregnant by December - on her 1st try. I had a hard time swallowing the news, like you...but was eventually very happy for her! It was hard for me emotionally though to see her go thru a healthy pregnancy, while I stuggled with IF.

((hugs)) for you!

Jen said...

I'm so sorry. Your reaction is perfectly understandable though. That is always tough news expected or not.

JJ said...

Its awful that emotions like this bubble up to the surface when dealing with IF. Im so sorry--but I totally understand your are brave to admit you feel this way!