Sunday, February 24, 2008

Going out with a bang.

So. On my first IVF cycle, I was so nervous about everything... I just spent the month before worrying. This time, I'm taking some friends advice and having some 'last hurrahs' before I get pregnant. Like having a few too many gin and tonics (maybe you noticed that from my last post). And going on weekends trips (just returned from a weekend in Freeport, ME!). And saying yes to an afternoon offer of a concert!

My theory is last time - my body was like 'What? I can't drink anymore? I can't get my heart rate over 120? No more sushi!?!? But you didn't waaaarn me!". It didn't have a good 'last hurrah'. So this time - I'm making sure that my body understands that we had a good amount of 'non-pregnant' fun, and it can settle into 9 months of 'pregnant fun'. Think it'll work?

I freaking hope so.


Annie said...

I think it is certainly worth a try. Let's hope the warning helps your body to come through with the goods this time :)

Geohde said...

Sure sounds like a plan to me :)


Morrisa said...

I say yay for "last hurrahs"

Jen said...

It sounds like a good plan to me. And it seemed to work for me considering my 30th birthday party was on the same day as my IUI.

Kenya said...

I love every bit of your plan.