Wednesday, December 10, 2008


First night home was a bit of a killer. We are all adjusting (even the dogs!) pretty well. I'm working on getting my milk in using an SNS and pumping - last pump got me 22 ccs. The c-section recovery isn't horrible, but I need to be better about keeping on top of the pain meds. I'll go 10 hours between a pill (I'm supposed to take them every 3 hours) and it will hit me al of a sudden.

I'm tired, happy, stressed, in love, scared and excited all at the same time.

I had no idea what having a baby would be like - and it's nothing like and more than I ever expected.

Happy and tired. Hopefully more pictures soon of Little Hulk (we decided not to throw his name out on the internet - but trust me, we picked a good one. Everyone approves.) Off to watch 'Hulk TV' (which is me sitting in a chair watching my son sleep. Nothing better in the world).


bethkyle said...

Yay Cece! I will be experiencing something similar soon....I am all nerves and wonder...congrats.

Valerie said...

I promise the nights get better and then worse but then better again. Congratulations again.

Becky said...

I'm so happy for you, congratulations again!

Chelle said...

Awww! I can't wait to be in your shoes. Less than 8 weeks! I am so glad everyone is adjusting well so far. It will only get easier from here on out.

Totally don't blame you for not putting your son's name out. I've been debating the same thing over my baby's name.

Congrats again on your new addition. I am sure you are very much in love. He's a beautiful baby!

bleu said...

Remember that you have a TON of hormones swirling around right now, an absolute TON so emotions will be haywire for a bit. Your milk is not fully in yet, it takes some time, like a week to two to fully get it in.

It is absolutely more and different and overwhelming and awesome for sure. Remember to breathe hun.

Watching them is soooo fun.

Fertilized said...

take good care of you! watching them sleep is fantastic

tobacco brunette said...

"Tired, happy, stressed, in love, scared, and exicted..."

That sounds about right! Hope you're enjoying your television viewing and getting at least a little bit of rest.

Take care!

Beautiful Mess said...

Sounds like a wonderful thing to watch! I love his nick name, that's great! I hope you can get a few hours of sleep tonight.

sarah said...


Cassandra said...

Congratulations on his birth and bringing him home! The hat in the photo is adorable... but please show us his red hair! :)

jill said...

Yes, the beginning can be really overwhelming in so many ways. It's hard to know what it is really like until you experience it all first hand. I hope the nursing is going better for you - I had some good luck with the SNS. You seem to be working really hard for him right now - kudos to you :)