Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ah... the weekend.

So. Weekends used to mean something! Like, it's the end of the workweek, and I can relax? Or - at least - Aaron will be home and he can take over some Hulk duties? But this weekend is a little different. Aaron went to he best friends house to help work on a huge renovation, and tomorrow, my father is visiting. I will say that Hulk is being very sweet today - cuddled in bed with me until 10:30 (if by cuddling I mean 'squirming and giggling, and having a bit of bottle ever few minutes... then falling asleep and demanding his binkie be returned when he spits it out so he can go back to sleep' cuddling...). Now he is sleeping on my chest.

I have a few things to share with you all today. The first is a great store that sells ONE COLOR onsies. I hate baby clothes. I hate that they all have teddy bears or ducks or pastels. Well, I won't say that - because one of my very favorite PJ's that he has are little ducks all over it. But - for the most part - what is wrong with a plain, red onsie? Why do they always have to throw on 'I love Mommy' or some crap like that? I know he loves Mommy! Geez. But I found this website - Cottonseed Clothing - that not only has plain color onsies - but they are in every color. I even got a black one. And I've been in touch back and forth with the owner on some questions - and she is very nice and gives great service! I'll model him in the onsies when they arrive.

The other clothing related share is these fun things called Baby Legs. Aaron HATES them, I love them. So - Hulk only wears them when dad isn't around.... but I think I may be able to change his tune when he sees the new ones that I ordered - with FLAMES!! Before we started baby making - we had motorcycles. I got a bit obsessed with flames - I had them on everything, my motorcycle, my car (a beetle, it looked hilarious), my bicycle, my boots... even my dog's collar. So when I saw these, I had to get them. But besides being cute - I think that they are a heck of a lot easier at diaper changes then some of the crazy pants that Hulk has.

Yesterday I did manage to go to the gym... but the whole trip turned into a failure. My friend stopped by and I did the Hulk hand off. He was being extra cute - so I knew she wouldn't have too much trouble for the 2 hours I'd be gone. I got to the gym, only to find out the spin class I wanted to go to was totally full. I then went to ask about baby swimming lessons, and the lady told be they didn't start until the babies were 6 months old. Which I understand, but I almost cried. I don't even know why - I guess because I got up that morning and put on my 'big girl pants' and left my little man with someone else and I wasn't getting to do anything that I wanted. PLUS - because I was going to spin class, I had on biking shorts - the ones with the big pads in the crotch for comfort? So I couldn't even go use the elliptical or anything. I even forgot to bring a swimsuit - so I couldn't sit in the hot tub. So, I went to the grocery store (much easier sans baby, I must admit) and then went home.

I was still out for 2 hours - and turns out that he did fine without me. But Karen did say that he was sleeping fitfully on her chest, and when he would wake up - he'd nuzzle into her neck and then pull away - as if to say 'Hey - you aren't my mom!'. But he didn't freak out, which is good. And I was able to locate all my workout gear - so I guess we can call it a dry run. And, we did go for a nice long walk outside with the dogs - so all was not lost.

Wish me luck with my father!


Karen said...

Good luck with your dad! :) We love babylegs, too...but J feels the same way your DH does, he thinks they are silly and kinda ugly. Sounds like your Hulk cuddles in the morning just like Evie did at that age...just so you know, it does get better and he'll stop the pacifier spit game eventually. She still does it in the car seat, though. Argh. :)

Jen said...

Elizabeth wore her baby legs for the first time yesterday. They are adorable!