Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Today - I have a bunch of random crap in my head. I shall spurt it out to you.

1. I went for a walk with Hulk in the Moby wrap and buttoned up in my jacket today. He was perfectly warm, and I took the dogs too. I got a LOT of people slowing down to check us out. I'm going to try and do the walk more often- good for me and the dogs!

2. My in-laws are crazy. I think I've mentioned before that they live on Nantucket. They want all of us to come visit... god save me. A ferry ride, all the baby stuff we need - not to mention the dogs? And then - he'll get passed around on show the whole time. Plus - my BIL and his wife had a baby 6 weeks before us - and they still haven't gone to the island. WTF!? I'm sure we are going to end up going soon enough, but I'm annoyed.

3. The other day, Aaron was sitting on my side of the bed and holing Hulk. I was holding back tears because everything is just so great right now. Am I still post-partum... or a huge mushball?

4. I want to go to Ikea - for no reason.

5. I've been catching up on 30 Rock - we have X-box live, and you can stream some things from Netflix using it - and I love that show!

6. I spent a good part of Friday figuring out daycare. I'm going back to work on Feb 27th. Aaron is going to take Thursday and Friday off of work. Then I'm going to work Monday, Wends, Friday for 2 weeks. And then I'll for 4 days... and then full time by the end of March. The good news is we visited the daycare place again - and I'm still really happy we chose them. See how happy I am when I finally leave him there. I figure I'll either be excited to go back to work - or a mess leaving him with someone else. Or maybe both!


Jen said...

You are the 3rd person in a week to tell me about the whole Xbox streaming Netflix thing!

Brandy said...

You're probably a mushball and post-pardum, which is totally ok. :-) I'm still a major mushball and my babies are 22 months and 4 months.

If you enjoy your job you'll probably be both - and that's completely fine. There's nothing wrong with missing him and worrying about him as long as you know he's in good hands.

Jen said...

I love 30 Rock. I think it is my favorite show. I am so happy that it is back on.

Deborah said...

Ditto everything Brandy said. My son's 3.5 months and I still cry all the time. and if I could bring him to work with me, life would be absolutely perfect. :)

Chelle said...

I'm glad you are so happy and content with life right now. That is seriously wonderfu. I can't wait until my little bundle arrives and I get to experience what you're going through. Give your little guy a squeeze for me. :)

kjames106 said...

#3 - sorry, but this won't go away. I can't tell you how mushy I have become now. I make myself sick! hehehe!