Monday, January 5, 2009

Getting there....

So. I didn't want to post about it because I didn't want to jinx it - but Hulk slept 5 hours on both Friday and Saturday night! Yesterday was a big fussy butt day, so we ended up back to the 2 hours of sleep after being awake for 1 to feed - nothing left to jinx. I can only hope that we have a few more of those 5 hours nights - it's scary how great 5 hours in a row feels (and no crying! even if Aaron is doing a shift, you still wake up to the crying no matter what.) !

Today I'm going to work on cleaning up the living room and washing the dog beds. Like I've mentioned before - dog bed washing is pretty traumatic around here... so we'll see if we can actually do it without large amounts of dog sadness.

Well, I just got up real quick and put the dog beds in the washer, and returned to this:

Abby (the one laying down) is not only sad that the dog beds are gone, but I also pulled the gate so she can't go upstairs and sleep on the guest room bed. She is PISSED. Henry won't lay down for the next 2 hours until the beds come back. He is spoiled.

Hulk is sleeping now, so I'm going to relax and knit a bit on the sweater I'm making him. I only have 2 blue sweaters, and one is already too small, if you can believe it. So I want to make sure he has a few hand knits to get him through the winter! OK. That is a bit of a lie. He has 3 other good 'boy' sweaters - but they aren't BLUE. He needs blue ones. : )

ETA: I also realize that Friday was really 4 WEEKS and not a month. Today is Hulk's one month 'birthday'. I chalk up the mistake to baby brain. All the stuff I wrote on Friday holds true!


bleu said...

LOL the dogs are too cute!!

Why does he need blue sweaters?? Did I miss something??

Vikki a.k.a "V" said...

The picture of your dogs cracked me up. My dog won't even lay on a dog bed. I stopped buying them because he destroyed them. Boxers, geesh!

Jennifer said...

My dog, Abby, loves her dog beds...we have 3 of them in our house...that's the only place she'll sleep - unless she sneaks on our bed when we're not looking!

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Beautiful Mess said...

Aww your poor puppies! They look so sad, that's funny. Hope you get some sleep this week and you get Hulk's sweaters done.
Enjoy your day,

Jen said...

Too funny about the dogs missing their beds. They probably preferred them smelly too!

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