Thursday, January 8, 2009

First Mom's Group

So- today the Big Man and I went to our first mom's group. It was fun - and the neatest part was that there were almost 6 other babies there that were born around the same time. It was fun to hear all their questions - which were about the same ones that I was bombarding my doula with a few weeks ago (and I'm so glad I asked her then).

Things here are really going well. Hulk is sleeping for about 4 to 5 hours stretches with some consistency, which is awesome. I was thinking that I'm really lucky, but then I realized that we have a bunch of things in place that may be helping us in this sleep venture:
  1. The Amby Baby Bed. More than once, he has started to fuss after maybe 3 hours of sleep. I get ready to pop out of bed, and I watch him fuss, and the bed moves, and the movement of the bed will soothe him back to sleep.
  2. Swaddling. We have been swaddling since day one - and it totally 100% calms him down.
  3. Feeding/his size. I weighed him today (with a diaper and a onesie on, so there is some room for error) and he is up to 12 pounds!!! So - he is able to eat up to 6 ounces at a feeding... which lets him sleep longer.
  4. Bathing him each night. We don't use soap every night, but we put him in a nice warm bath each night. Sure, he fusses when you take him out (It's COLD! Put my clothes on NOW!!) - but you can see the soothing effect it has on him.

And of course - a heck of a lot of 'first timer' luck on our part. I totally know how lucky we are that he is doing well on the sleep thing.

Please god, don't let me have jinxed it by talking about it.


Zephra said...

I am convinced swaddling works wonders. When my son outgrew the small sized blankets, I used a twin size sheet. He was swaddled until he was 5 months old at night.

Geohde said...

My mother's group is full of babies half the age of my twins (unadjusted). but a large part of that is because firstly they were in hospital and the second time I forgot to go.


Jen said...

I am so tempted to get an Amby baby bed, but since we've already got a crib and a pack and play, I just can't bring myself to spend more money on it.

Jen said...

I'm with you on all those things. We didn't use the Amby bed (only because I didn't know about it) but we were (and still are) big swing fans. And you got to love swaddling. Whenever I start sticking Jillian in her miracle blanket she smiles at me.

12 lbs already! He is sure living up to his nickname.

Anonymous said...

Also, I think formula fed babies often go longer between feedings because of the digestion time. The amby baby is on my top ten list of must haves!