Monday, September 21, 2009

28 weeks

I had my 28 week checkup this morning - everything is looking good - I'm measuring 34 weeks! And I had my gestational diabetes test - I should hear tomorrow if I didn't pass. Someone will be calling today to get me a date for my c-section! I go again for a check up at 31 weeks, and then I start going every 2 weeks, and getting non-stress tests on the twins 2 times a week.

Good thing I have an understanding boss.

Speaking of work, I decided on what I'm going to do for my maternity leave. With Hulk, I saved up all my vacation, and then used it to come back part time for the first month. Which, turns out, was awful. It was like I had to go back to work twice. Once part time and then full time. So this time, I was just trying to decide if I should take my vacation before the twins come or after. I was having trouble deciding if I should take the 2 weeks off before my scheduled c-section? To relax and also assuming it's going to be hard to move around by that point. Or after - so I can spend more time with the twins? It's a hard call - but my manager said we did it wrong last time - that before I can go out on disability (aka maternity leave), I'm technically supposed to use up all my vacation. So that pretty much answered it for me. I guess I could start the vacation the day of my c-section, but I just think taking the time before they arrive is a good idea.

My last day at work is Nov 16th (assuming my c-section is the 30th - I'll find out that today)! Of course, that is the best case scenario - who knows what is going to happen with the end of this pregnancy... but it's good to have a plan. So, I'm off work in less than 2 months! Seems like this pregnancy is flying by. Now we need to get working on the nursery....


Anonymous said...

I've never left a comment before, but wanted to share my 2 cents about when to take your time off. Because you never know how things will go, I suggest planning as much time as possible for after the twins are born. I, too, had a C section with my twins and they had to stay in the NICU for 2 weeks. They were my first 2 kids, and I was very fortunate that the hospital allowed me to stay overnight even after officially checking out. Everyone is different, but for me, recovering from the C section was slow. I was very thankful to have the nurses help for 2 weeks post surgery.
Good luck with whatever decision you will figure out what works best for you!

Beautiful Mess said...

WOW! November 30th?! That's CRAZY!

I'm glad everything is going well and I hope it continues to go well. Sending yo lots of love.

HereWeGoAJen said...

How exciting! I can't believe it is so close!

Deborah said...

What, you don't want to schedule the c-section on Hulk's first birthday? ;)

Geohde said...

Do rtemember multiples come before scheduled half of the time :)



Nina said...

Hi - I just found your blog. I saw your comment on AskMoxie and just had to check out the situation with a 9mo and 28weeks pg with twins... wow! :)

My oldest (3) & twins (17mo) are 21months apart - first year was hectic but now it is soooo much fun to see them play together.

Luckily you sound like you are still feeling ok - going to work may get harder though. Being pg with 2 is so different from 1 - first time I worked until due date, but with the twins i really had to slow down work around 32 weeks. Babies were born at 36 weeks (which would be around start of your vacation?).

Anyways, as long as you feel good, you should continue to save up your time - and spend it with your kids after they arrive! Just take care of yourself until they do :)

Sorry for the long post!