Tuesday, September 1, 2009


We had a good night's sleep here for the first time in a bit - thanks to a few things. First, the weather is beautiful (I love the beginning of fall, when the night time weather is perfect for sleeping with the windows open). I finally restocked on Calms Forte (the non-drowsy sleep aid- seriously that is what it says on the box) - if you are stressed out or having trouble sleeping, I totally recommend this stuff. When I was starting to lose it right after Hulk was born and having all those breastfeeding issues, someone recommended I 'mainline' it - I didn't take too much, but I did try it, and whatever it is - it works. I also admitted that it was time to medicate the heartburn - and why I didn't start that sooner I won't know! It was heaven to roll over and not have to wake up to tummy/chest pain. And finally, Hulk slept well last night. He has been stirring a few times each night since the end of last week - I thought maybe teething? But none have made an appearance.

And in an effort to get even BETTER sleep, I ordered an All Nighter Pillow. I ripped the 'snoogle' pillow that I currently have trying to put the pillowcase back on. I went to get a new one, and it was $50 - I had forgotten how much I paid for it. I didn't even like it that much. Figuring I'm going MORE uncomfortable soon - I took some time to research - and this one, though even more expensive, seems like a good idea. Of course, because I'm cheap, I went for free shipping, so I won't be able to let you all know if it was a good buy or not for like a week.

This morning I had an awesome mothering moment. He was sleeping in his nice cuddly fleece sleep sack which zips from the top (by his neck) to the bottom (by his feet). So - to unzip - you go from feet to neck. Well, the top part of the zipper was pulled apart. So I was struggling to get him out (and trying to speed things up because any time spent on his back on the changing table is TORTURE don't you know...) and finally I got it, and, I'll have to say, the best was to describe it is that I punched him in the face. He was SO mad he pretty much cried for the rest of the time we were home until we got to daycare. And I barely touched him! I think it was more the surprise of the whole thing... but geez. Nice one, Cece. Pop your kid in the face.

Well, got to get to work. Happy first day of September, everyone!

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HereWeGoAJen said...

Hehehe, punching the kid in the face! Awesome. :) (It's not like I haven't done similar things.)