Monday, September 14, 2009


Well - not a normal thing, but thank god it's Monday. My father arrived on Friday afternoon (2 hours earlier than expected) and left Sunday. I almost didn't work from home on Friday, but I figured I might as well because he is always at least an hour early. I commented when they arrived (2.5 hours early) that I was still working, and Dad says 'Well, me showing up early shows that you are important to me'. I think it shows that he doesn't respect my time/schedule/life and he thinks he is number one at all times, but take it as you will.

Like I said, he is getting older and less able to upset me - now I just take whatever he says and let it roll. Usually. The one that at least made me realize that he certainly hasn't changed, was when I was telling him we would be going to church on Sunday morning. I mentioned that he may not want to come, because my pastor is openly gay. My father is an Episcopalian, and totally against the fact that they are allowing gay bishops. His comment on that? "It's not that I mind the gays. It's that having gays as bishops leads a bad example for 'confused' youth, and leads them away from a 'normal' life.".

I just commented on the rain. He did come, and it seemed like he actually like it - and didn't offend anyone - which was totally surprising to me.

The next one was something that still bothers me - and I'm pretty impressed that Aaron handled it so well. Aaron cooked both dinners when they were here - rather involved ones. Friday night was a pork roast (mashed potatoes, broccoli and a blueberry pie) and Saturday night we did lobsters. Cooking lobsters at home is a huge mess, and you basically have to clean your entire kitchen after. So, dad gets his lobster, proceeds to eat it before Aaron even sits down, and them leaves the table to watch the news (FOX news - and OMG, I've never watched Fox news and now I know why!!). About 45 minutes later, Aaron is still cleaning up the kitchen, and my dad shuffles in and proclaims 'I'll take some of that pie off your hands'. And Aaron almost lost it. He says rather sharply - 'I'm still cleaning up from dinner, Jim. You'll have to wait'. And my dad says 'You sound angry - are you angry?!'. And Aaron just answers - "We'll have pie when I'm done cleaning up.".

What is most annoying, is that it's obvious that for my father, it's totally and completely all about him. And sad really, because my stepmother is very nice - and she is basically treated as a servant. I look forward to her visiting in December without him.

Thankfully, Hulk was his normal, adorable self - happily playing and showing off (he is definitely says Uh oh and ByeBye now) so Barb and Dad had fun watching him all weekend and that was a nice buffer to my dad being his normal, asshole self.

I had my 27 week u/s today, and both babies look great still (Baby A is 2 lbs 10 oz, and Baby B is 2 lbs 6oz) and my cervix is nice and long (4.25 cms). And Baby B was kicking Baby A in the head - little sister is already causing trouble!


HereWeGoAJen said...

Having family visit can be trying even under the best circumstances. :)

Carrie27 said...

I guess it was a good thing your father only came for a short time. I know that entertaining people can sometimes be a chore.

Glad to hear the babies are doing so well.

Beautiful Mess said...

Aaron is a rockstar! I bet that was tough for him to hold his tongue. If he ever wants to me me lobster, I promise to help him clean the kitchen ;o)

Glad the babies are doing well. YAY, go babies! I'm happy that Hulk being adorable as ever was a nice buffer for your dad and you.

BrandiH2007 said...

Good for Aaron keeping his cool! I probably would have lost it.

Yay for healthy babies!