Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm all about the progress

Well. This was a tiring weekend, but that isn't saying much because I'm pretty much always wiped out by the end of the day now. What is more frustrating is no matter how tired I am, I'm only really able to sleep in 1 - 2 hour increments because I have to pee or shift positions all the time. I'm trying a new tactic today which is to drink most of my fluids before 7, and see if that helps me make it through the night.

We went to that Mothers of Multiples Tag Sale, and I was mainly looking for a glider. I happen to think that gliders are an ugly necessity. I got Hulk's for free, and was hoping to get a decent one for cheap - as I totally do NOT plan on keeping either of them once they are old enough to not need to be rocked anymore. We got there just as the tag sale opened, and there was not a single glider. It certainly wasn't a waste of time - I got 2 outside swings (one like the ones at the playground that Hulk LOVES and another that is more like a plastic chair), a gate for a wider door (just like the one we currently have and love for only $5), another baby jail and a few toys (didn't go crazy though!). all for about $85. I was happy!

Not to be put off on the glider front (because I really don't want to pay upwards of $300 for one of these things) I emailed the group after the tag sale, and found someone willing to get rid of theirs in the right color for $75! Woot!

Today, I think I decided on the rug for the nursery. Which is a large level of excitement for me in my little world because the rug I have in my head does not appear to exist, and the more I think about it - I realize if it DID exist I would think it was WAY to bright. Anyway - here it is:

The other good news on the rug is that the twin's great grandmother wants to pay for it! Bonus!

I also started looking into what I want to put on the windows in the nursery. I'm planning on making a valence, but need blackout blinds. Those are pricey! With Hulk, we kept him in our room for the first three month, so I wasn't AS concerned with having the nursery done. I'm going to try to start the twins out in their room from the get-go, just because we really don't have the space for both Amby baby beds... and I noticed that moving Hulk out of our room really let ME get better sleep, when I was actaully sleeping. Anyway - it isn't like the walls have even been patched to be painted yet, nor the floor put in.... but that is Aaron's stuff! I can get the easier decorating stuff done and ready to go at least....

In Hulk news, I think he has entered that clingy stage. When he wakes up in the morning, he pretty much cries until I walk away at daycare. I used to be able to sit him happily on the floor and let him play while I walked around the room and got ready for work. Not so much anymore. I put him down, he cries. I walk into the closet to get my clothes, tears. Into the bathroom to brush my teeth? MAAMAMAMAMA. Sigh. Nice to know I'm loved, but also hard to see him so upset when he used to be so happy in the morning! I try to get as much set up in the evening as a can, so we spend most of the morning hanging out together, but it isn't like I can brush my teeth the night before! My daycare buds say this phase seems to last about a month... here is hoping I only have 3 weeks left of this!


HereWeGoAJen said...

That rug is really cute.

I need to find some tag sales in our neighborhood.

Wishing 4 One said...

The rug is so happy, i love the colors and shape.

Sounds you like you really made out good at that sale. I always dream of being able to buy bargain baby stuff at fun sales like that.

You know, years back, when we were ttc naturally and I just knew we would be pregnant, i bought two butings (not sure what the proper name is) you know the kind of blanket type wrap you put baby in and they disappear (LOL) it covers or snuggles them? Anyway needless to say I got rigd of them and I wish i didn't.... oh well hopefully will be able to travel back to the States and hit the sales one day soon. I won't give up, well not yet anayway.

Glad to hear all is well and hopefully the hulkster will adjust soon.

Wishing 4 One said...

I meant to say BUNTINGS, not butings LOLLLLLLLL. Its late here almost midnight, sorry.

Carrie27 said...

Love the colors in the rug. Bright and beautiful, can't wait to see the final nursery.