Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Yes, we labored

Ha. Labor Day weekend was great fun here. Friday I took off work and got a BUNCH of things done with Hulk in daycare. Drove around to do a bunch of errands, and even took the long neglected dog to the vet. Also peeled wallpaper!

Over the rest of the weekend, it was a good balance of fun and getting stuff done around the house. Aaron is pretty much done with his basement project, we filled a dumpster with crap, got rid of our old frig, organized the garage (which was a big mess from both Aaron's basement project and a few seasons of neglect) and my car is back in the garage. I had a lot of help this weekend from various friends and family, and all of the wallpaper is off the walls in the twins room. And we had fun dinners each night with nearby family. We even went and researched what sort of flooring we are going to put in both the twins room and the kitchen (I hate hate HATE the kitchen tile and cabinets. When we got the awesome new dishwasher, we had to tear out some tile. Aaron was going to replace those few that broke... but then we decided to look into other options. So the plan for this winter is to redo the floor, and paint the cabinets. We'll see if we really have the time for that.)

Hulk cut his two top teeth this weekend, and has an awesome cold, which he SO sweetly passed onto his mumma (why did I decide that this was the week to try to teach him how to 'kiss'. I think it's the 'open mouth with tongue kisses' that got me). I now have no voice, and my boss is in town from NJ all week. Goodie goodie.

Oh. And my All Nighter pillow arrived on Friday. And yes. It IS awesome. MUCH better than the snoogle. The snoogle I found to be too thin. This one is perfect, and you really don't even need another pillow with it! Much easier to sleep with and roll over with. I give it a thumbs up!

That is all the news. Not very exciting, but still a great weekend!


HereWeGoAJen said...

Wow, you were very busy! I am impressed.

Carrie27 said...

We, too, had a very labor intensive weekend. Have to get things done when you can, and these long weekends are the perfect time to do so.

amysue said...

It was fun hanging with you and your little monkey. He's a cutie..even with a cold!

After laughing at how you put him down for a nap-I found a picture of Em at that age in our bed sleeping with a binkie in her mouth and one in each hand! Too funny!