Monday, August 20, 2012

It's purging season again

If I was pregnant, people would be accusing me of nesting. I've been pregnant or have had children for 4 years now, and I can tell you - it's not about 'nesting'. It's about the major season change. Those that know me in real life, know that I'm not the best housekeeper. One of the things that help keeps this house in somewhat decent shape is the fact that we have housekeepers come every 2 weeks. In order for them to be able to clean, I clean up before they come. It keeps me honest.

But, when the weather starts to change, I need to sort through clothes. My hand-me-down storage system involves boxes of clothes and some stored in dressers... and plenty of cute out of season things that I couldn't give away because it was too cute last season so I prayed it would fit again when the weather changed (which it never does).

This purge fest was enlarged by the re-do of Maggie's room. And the fact that the dresser I wanted to move to Maggie's room was in Cameron's closet, filled with Cameron's clothes. Behind a year of stuff I just threw into Cam's closet. I had to start and clean out Cam's closet to even be able to start with the dresser, then empty out the stuff leaving Maggie's old dressers, get the right sized stuff out of Maggie's closet for the late summer/early fall... and move and sort and move. And reorganize. I always feel like a rock star when it's done, but things take about a week or so to shake out. And in the process, the house is a freaking wreak. This time I called it pretty close. I decide I should have Maggie's room looking decent when she got home to her new bed - so I started it about 4 hours before Aaron was coming home with the bed. This is Maggie's room about 45 minutes before Aaron arrived home with her new bed:

I did manage to pull it off. It's always ugliest before the end. I take EVERYTHING out, dump it in the middle of the room, and sort from there. So the above picture was right before I got everything settled back in storage boxes, drawers, donation bags or garbage bags. Proof Maggie isn't living in a pile of junk:

I've got one more re-org to go. Her purple castle is arriving tomorrow! I have a few things I need want to get set up to make the playhouse area more fun, but nothing as disruptive as this last purge.

This time, the shuffle involves getting rid of all of the crib bedding, changing table, changing pads, and other 'baby' things. So we need to put these things on Craigslist. What a freaking pain. But in the end, both rooms will be less cluttered and only storing things that they actually use (or will use in the near future.) This makes me happy.

And somewhat inspired to deal with the guest room. But I need a rest first.


HereWeGoAJen said...

I don't nest either. I just clean because it is so much better after it is done.

Love Maggie's carpet, by the way.

Sukey said...

Organizing without me! I don't know if I'm proud or jealous. And I just remembered the purple bookcase Aaron made - the new bed is going to go so well with it. It's like you planned the whole thing out!