Thursday, August 23, 2012

My closet

In April, I got fed up with my crappy, ill-fitting, out of date wardrobe. So I threw it all away. It felt great at the time. I bought some nice things for the spring and summer and patted myself on the back. Monday, it was cool, so I went to grab a pair of pants. And discovered I had no pants.

Glad I noticed it now, while I could still wear my warm weather clothes and not look silly! So I've spent the last few days looking around and buying a few things. I used to HATE dresses. But I've learned that they are a really quick and easy thing to throw on for work. Add one of my scarves from India and funky tights, and you can change the look really quickly too. So I got a few new dresses from Lands End (who has really upped their plus size options) and some funky tights from Lane Bryant.

I needed some pants too, and a friend with more style than I said to get leggings and tunics. And I was like, really?! I'm still unsure, but found a pair on sale and a few fun tunics. I'm willing to give it a try. I'm trying to not be that mom that is stuck in the clothes that she thinks are cool because it is what what cool when she was twenty.

AND. In big grown up girl news, I'm ditching all my diaper bags and bought myself a REAL bag. It's a big one, because I want it to fit my computer for work, and some knitting. And I'm realistic, I'll still need to throw in snacks for kids and toys... but it's a REAL bag. Without a plastic lining and bottle holders. Anyone need fancy, but used, diaper bags?

I'm also going to get some high boots, but still trolling around for a pair that I like that are decent quality and fit my rather abundant calves.

Anyone else doing some fashion changes for the fall? I have to admit, I'm enjoying shopping for myself!


Sukey said...

I love that the "real bag" is from a knitting store!

Cece said...

Suzanne. Seriously. I can't go all the way to fashonista in one step! I need a bag that holds my knitting!

Heather said...

There is a blog called Already Pretty that just did a post featuring boots for wide calves that are for sale online. I tried to copy paste the address, but my phone wouldn't let me.

Anyway, it's a pretty good blog about loving your body for all that it is and includes lots of good online shopping links!

Deborah said...

Are you selling the diaper bags? Do you have pictures? I have one, but I'm not a huge fan of it (my husband picked it based on which bag he would be willing to be seen carrying). So if you have more info, that would be cool. :)

HereWeGoAJen said...

I love shopping for clothes that actually make me feel good. Actually, strike that, I hate the shopping, but I love HAVING clothes that make me feel good.

Christy said...

Good for you! I'd love if you shared pictures of your outfits too . . . hint, hint!

~Shari said...

I am interested in a diaper bag. I cant seems to find one that works for me.

I also would love to see some of your new clothing. I am going threw the same thing. With stepping up into some big girl clothing and ditch what I THINK IS CUTE (cuz lawd knows - my work clothes are BORING!!)