Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday Leftovers

I'm not going to get online tomorrow, so I thought I'd throw up my leftovers from the week today.
  • Aaron has a huge project at work, and he knew this week was going to be hard. So my mom arrived yesterday to help.
  • I also have a huge project going on, so I didn't do my normal 'prep' until the day of.
  • I walked into the guest room and I remembered that I had thrown anything I couldn't deal with the day I moved everything for Maggie's Princess bed into the guest room.
  • I opened the closet to stuff everything in there, and the closet was overstuffed. From other visits when I didn't have time to fully clean up.
  • Sigh. So I proceeded to sort through about of year of crap to give away, toss and donate within about 2 hours of mom's arrival. When she got here, the whole downstairs was a wreck because I didn't have a chance to pick THAT up.
  • All mom said was - Wow, you guys must have a lot going on right now, and proceeded to help me sort things out. Hurrah for Mom!
  • The kids love my mom. And my mom loves them. This morning, Cam woke up and went to her room instead of mine, and I could hear the two of them happily chatting to each other downstairs. Love it.
  • I'm taking tomorrow off and going to Davis Farmland with my mom, the kids and a bunch of the kid's friends. It's supposed to be 92 degrees and sunny. Perfect weather (there is a splash pad there too).
  • In the midst of organizing yesterday, I decided to put up the kids train tracks on the train table. I've noticed that when we go somewhere with an awesome train track all set up - Cam will play with it for a long time. But at home he doesn't play with what we have. A good example is at the Great Escape - they not only have the exact same train table, but all the same roundhouse, wooden trains - everything! And when we were there, he played for a good 45 minutes with the train. Then my friend pointed out that it's probably because those tracks are set up, and attached to the table - so they can't fall apart and Maggie can't destroy. So I got a pretty cool track set up and I'm going to have Aaron just stick it to the table somehow.
  • I know that some of the point of train tracks is for the kids to build stuff with them - but they do that at school, so I don't feel like they are missing out. And I was also feeling guilty because doing this ruins both the train table and the tracks - but both were hand me downs. So whoever gets my hand me downs will either deal with the preset up track or not take it. For free. Not my problem.
  • And - hurrah for long weekends! We have plans each day, but nothing stressful. I'm excited for some downtime.


HereWeGoAJen said...

My dad screwed the train tracks down to our train table. Except that he didn't screw all of them down, just kind of a general pattern. So we could take parts out and move them, but the general set up was always there. It worked well. And I don't feel that it ruins the train table and the track, I always think it is kind of weird when I see loose train tracks because that is not what I had growing up.

BrandiH said...

Yay for mom's! My mom(s) and grandma are like that. Actually my grandma prefers I have stuff for her to do or else she will just sit on the couch and fall asleep.

Good idea on the train tracks. Could you maybe use some of the adhesive strips for the 3M(?) hooks you put on the walls that come off with marks?

Ania Omlet said...

Sometimes mom can help you and sometimes mom's help just ads up to the confusion.

Beth Kyle said...

I love that my kids love my parents too. It makes all things right with the world sometimes. :)

It is awfully nice of your Mom to pop in and get to work. She sounds like a keeper. :)